Zeo Mangan – Manganese Zeolite

    Brand: GoodWill Chemical
    Origin: Taiwan


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    Zeo Mangan – Manganese Zeolite

    Features, technical specifications in the product catalog:

    In water treatment, choosing the right filter material is essential because each water source will have different quality. Sometimes, water filtration materials are simple and cheap but bring surprising results, manganese sand is one of them. Read the article below for more information about this type of sand!

    What is manganese sand?

    Manganese sand is formed from natural sand, with the chemical composition of KMnO4 or Mn(OH)4. This is a light weight ore, covered with a brown outer layer to increase the contact and oxidation ability of the grain.

    Besides, manganese sand for water filtration also includes other substances such as: Fe, MnO2, MnC2, SiO2, etc. Therefore, this material has the ability to remove manganese and other impurities when processing or filtering water. In particular, this type of sand can also remove chlorine in tap water.

    Manganese sand is produced according to the following process: Mining Mn(OH)4 ore > Using permanent magnets to create manganese sand to filter raw water > Crushing this material > Classifying sand by size.

    For ore mining, this sand is mined by two methods: open pit and underground mine. Depending on the geology and topography of the area, the mining unit will choose the appropriate method.

    Manganese zeolite produced by GoodWill Chemical Corporation is made of solid and porous base materials and high-grade manganese compounds after multiple mixing and calcination processes. It can be used as a catalytic converter for iron and manganese cations dissolved in deep well water. In addition, because the manganese zeolite material itself is porous, it has the function of filtering suspended solids in water and is suitable for use in closed pressure filtration systems or open gravity filtration systems.

    Generally, when the iron and manganese content in groundwater exceeds the limit, it will appear dark red or black water. Therefore, the water quality needs to be urgently treated to remove iron and manganese. Manganese zeolite ​​​​has high efficiency in removing iron and manganese and can solve water quality problems.

    Cat Mn Zeo Dai Loan-5
    Mn Zeo sand

    Outstanding characteristics of this type of manganese sand

    • The amount of adsorbed manganese is high and never falls off, so it has strong conversion ability and good iron and manganese removal effect.
    • The conversion and filtration of the catalyst are carried out simultaneously, which can prolong the life of the oxidizing agent.
    • The filter material has large porosity and fast filtration speed, so the size of the equipment can be reduced to save space and equipment installation costs.
    • The amount of drug required for regeneration is small, the operation is simple and the operating cost is low.
    • Using groundwater directly for treatment can reduce the area occupied by other tanks.
    • The backwash time is short and the amount of backwash water is small.
    • Can be put into the filter tanks in use without changing the structure of the tank.
    • Can combine many treatment stages such as: flocculation, catalysis, and sediment filtration in the same equipment.
    • Ensure the safety of water quality after treatment.
    • The service life of this type of sand is high thanks to its great abrasion resistance.

    Main operating parameters of Zeo Manganese – Taiwanese Manganese Sand

    Manganese sand has many uses in industrial and civil water treatment, especially in the upstream crude filtration system for treatment before water is passed through the RO fine filtration system. Some effects of manganese sand are listed below:
    • pH operating range: 6.2 ~ 8.5
    • Filtration water temperature: 300C
    • Iron and manganese removal capacity per liter of manganese zeolite: 1.5g
    • Filtration speed: 8 ~ 20 m/h
    • Backwash speed: 30 ~ 40 m/h
    • Minimum filter layer thickness: 70cm
    • Maximum pressure loss: 0.8kg/cm2

    Uses of this type of manganese sand

    Manganese sand has many uses in industrial and civil water treatment, especially in the raw water filtration system at the source to treat water before it goes through the RO filtration system. Some uses of manganese sand are listed below:

    • Used to filter well water, remove the fishy smell of water contaminated with iron, manganese, hydrogen, arsenic, sulfide.
    • For heavily polluted water sources, this material is used to remove some heavy metals such as: copper, lead, zinc, arsenic, nickel, chromium, …
    • This type of sand is a catalyst in the process of iron reduction (Fe less than or equal to 35 mg/l) and radioactive substances reduction.
    • This type of sand is used to reduce the content of some organic compounds in water.
    • This sand has the ability to raise and stabilize the pH of water in the range of 6.5 to 8.
    • This sand can reduce the amount of oil and absorb about 90mg of oil/g of manganese sand.
    • This sand has the ability to remove radioactive substances.
    • Manganese sand has the ability to oxidize sulfide, minimizing the effect of this substance on the iron and manganese reduction process.

    How to use this manganese sand in water treatment system

    Manganese sand is often used in filter column systems or coarse filter tanks. The thickness of this type of sand must be at least 40cm or more for water treatment efficiency to be high.
    If the water source has a low pH, you can use LS granules or chemicals to raise the pH of the water source before going through the catalytic material layer with manganese. Below the layer of manganese granules, you should add a layer of quartz sand to retain iron and manganese oxides, creating clarity for the water source.
    The thickness of the manganese layer is adjusted according to the manganese and iron content in the water source but must not be less than 300mm.
    • When used in combination with other filter materials, you can wash the filter like a regular sand filter.
    • Before use, you should wash off the manganese sand.
    • If the pH of the water source is < 6, you should use pH raising beads (LS) or raise the pH with chemicals (optimal pH for iron reduction is 6.5) first. Input iron content should be less than or equal to 35 mg/l.
    • Filtration speed when using manganese sand: From 5 to 20m/hour. You can use it in open filter tanks or pressure filter tanks, filtering from top to bottom.
    • For this type of sand, you do not need to reconstitute (except for the de-fluorination process). The best time to use manganese sand is 2 to 3 years.
    • Depending on the level of pollution or iron content in the water, you can adjust the material thickness and filtration speed accordingly.
    • To effectively treat groundwater, you need to provide enough oxygen for iron oxidation by arranging aeration in front of the filter tank.
    • You should filter the same layer of quartz from 0.2 to 0.3m to create water clarity.
    • You should add a little chloride before the filter tank if the groundwater contains iron in organic complex form.
    • You should arrange the height of the manganese ore layer to be at least 0.8m in equipment that removes iron with high iron content above 5mg/l, and the filtration speed does not exceed 20m3/h. You should operate for 3 to 4 days for better treatment efficiency (create a catalytic film on the seed surface in the beginning).
    Cat Mn Zeo Dai Loan-4
    Mn Zeo Taiwan

    Where to buy reputable and quality Zeo manganese sand for water filtration?

    Currently, on the market there are many reputable suppliers of manganese sand at good prices. So where to buy reputable and quality manganese sand?
    Song Phung Environmental Company is chosen by many customers and has good reviews for the quality of services and products. Established in 2012, the company specializes in importing and distributing genuine water and environmental equipment. In addition, Song Phung Environmental Company also provides comprehensive system solutions from design, supply, installation to operation and technology transfer. To date, the company has become a reputable brand in the market with more than 5,000 customers trusting cooperation and 4,000 projects implemented in many business fields.
    Zeo manganese sand is used to filter water for drilled wells and deodorize when water is contaminated with manganese, iron, arsenic, and hydrogen sulfide. Polluted water in contact with the sand surface will create oxidation and precipitation to remove heavy metals, making the water cleaner and clearer. At the same time, it is also a catalyst in the process of reducing iron with concentrations less than 35 mg/l and radioactive substances. In addition, this type of sand also reduces nitrogen content (ammonium, nitrate, nitrite), some phosphates, and organic compounds (from 20 to 50%, depending on the filtration speed of 4 – 7m3/hour). Furthermore, this material also has the ability to absorb about 90mg of oil/seed to reduce the amount of oil in water, eliminate radioactive substances and fluorine in water.
    Cat Mn Zeo Dai Loan
    Mn Zeo package
    To effectively remove impurities from water, you should combine gravel, quartz sand, activated carbon, etc. At the same time, you should wash manganese sand before use. In addition, you need to replace this type of sand within 2 to 3 years to increase water filtration efficiency.
    Above is basic information about the characteristics, uses and how to use manganese sand effectively. If you want to buy quality Vietnamese manganese sand for water filtration at a good price, please contact Song Phung Environmental Company immediately for quick advice and support!

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