Product quality is the biggest concern for every customer when purchasing online. Understanding those concerns, SONG PHUNG ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES TRADING COMPANY LIMITED always ensures that genuine and quality products can reach customer’s demand. To meet this goal, the professional purchasing team of Song Phung Water Industry Equipment has constantly approached and cooperated with reputable business partners in the market.
In addition, Song Phung Water Industry Equipment also develops strict policies and requirements in the product quality inspection process.

Commitment to “Say no to counterfeit goods in e-commerce”

Nói Không với hàng giả

Professional team

Song Phung Water Industry Equipment is always proud of its professional purchasing team and many years of experience in many business markets. With extensive knowledge and acumen in the business market, the purchasing staff has always promptly grasped customer needs and built solid business relationships with reputable and trustworthy partners trusted in Vietnam.

Reputable partner

With a reputation for quality as well as business services in the market, partners of Song Phung Water Industry Equipment always ensure to provide genuine and high quality products to customers.
Having trusted partners, we confidently provide customers with genuine, reputable product brands in the domestic and foreign markets. The brands of Song Phung Water Industry Equipment always meet standards of quality and diverse designs.

Strict testing process

In order for genuine products to truly reach customers, Song Phung Water Industry Equipment applies a strict product quality inspection process from the stage of selecting and receiving qualified goods from the supplier to the maintenance stage. management and shipping.
We are especially strict in the process of checking and eliminating items that do not comply with the company’s requirements and standards for evaluating genuine products.
Imported standard products are always carefully packaged and preserved. We have specialized treatments for each different item to ensure the best quality.
Before the product is delivered to the customer, the dedicated staff of Song Phung Water Industry Equipment always inspects the item thoroughly to ensure the supply meets the customer’s requirements.