Anthracite coal

    Brand: SongPhung
    Origin: Vietnam


    • Model: SPA0.8-1.2, SPA1-2; SPA2-4; SPA3-5 (mm)
    • Specification: 25 kg/bag (Option: 50kg/bag, 1 ton/Jumbo bag)
    • Weight: Approx 0.72-0.8t/m3
    • Density: Approx 1.45
    • Carbon content: From 92.1 – 98%.
    • Color: luster black
    • Surface: angular and sharp
    • Application: used as a filter material to replace quartz sand with many outstanding advantages
    • Unit price applies to 1kg
    • Origin: Song Phung
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    Anthracite coal

    Features, technical specifications in the product catalog:

    Anthracite coal is a type of coal known for its coarse filtering effect, insoluble organic impurities, and has a filtering effect similar to quartz sand. So what are the characteristics of Anthracite activated carbon? What are the applications of this type of coal? Is Anthracite coal coal? Which unit sells quality Anthracite coal? Let’s find out with Song Phung Environmental Company in the following article!

    Characteristics and indexes of Anthracite coal

    Below are some indicators of Anthracite activated carbon so you can better understand the characteristics and composition of Anthracite coal.
    • Volatile matter of anthracite activated carbon: From 3 – 10%.
    • Heating value of coal: From 6900 – 7300 kcal/kg.
    • Fineness: From 2 – 5%.
    • Ash content: 10 – 20%.
    • Raw moisture: From 6 – 12%.
    • Hardgrove index: From 35 – 55.
    • Ignition temperature: 880oC.
    • The smoldering temperature of coal is about 450oC.
    • Residual pressure at explosion point: 6.3 bar.
    • Carbon content: From 92.1 – 98%.

    Characteristics of Anthracite coal

    Characteristics of Anthracite coal include:
    • Anthracite coal is a filter material, often used in clean water treatment plants and large-capacity wastewater treatment plants to remove agents that cause water turbidity and suspended solids.
    • Is Anthracite coal is coal? Anthracite activated carbon is one of the types of coal, with the highest degree of metamorphosis, few impurities, and the highest carbon and energy content compared to other types of coal.
    • Because anthracite activated carbon has a specific gravity smaller than that of sand, it is often arranged with a layer of filter sand, usually on top to ensure stability.
    • Thanks to the high carbon content in Anthracite coal, this type of coal is completely resistant to chemicals and stable in acidic and basic environments. Therefore, the product is widely used in industrial and civil water filtration plants.

    Anthracite coal

    Advantages of anthracite coal

    • The capacity of Anthracite coal can absorb and contain large amounts of residue, so it is suitable for treating water with high turbidity, helping to increase filtration cycles.
    • The product can be combined with sand in existing filter tanks without changing the tank structure.
    • The product can help increase the filter layer thickness, help improve output water quality, reduce construction area, and reduce initial investment costs.
    • You can easily change a regular filter tank to an Anthracite coal filter tank. Please rest assured that the filtering and washing processes still take place normally. Improve the quality of filtered water when using this type of charcoal with other filter ingredients.
    • Quality anthracite activated carbon will have high carbon content, low impurities, and is durable in acidic and basic environments.
    • Anthracite coal can prevent clogging due to the formation of Syndra bacteria, Microcystin… and also prevent the formation of small round balls that clog the filter sand layer.
    • Another advantage is that activated carbon is light, so washing the filter is easier than sand and requires less washing water, the amount of washing water is reduced by 20-30%.
    • Increase filtration cycle by 1.5-2 times

    Principle of operation

    Anthracite coal has high porosity and is able to remove turbidity and suspended solids in water very well. In the water filter tank, when combined with the filter sand layer, the residue or large particles will be retained in the first layer of coal. Small, suspended, and turbid components will be retained by the sand layer below, thereby making the output water quality cleaner, clearer, and safer for users.

    Product application

    In water treatment

    • A great application of Anthracite coal is used in water treatment. Because this type of coal has a hollow structure, it is used as a water filtration material in purifiers, especially in the filtration of industrial waste and water with high chemical composition.
    • Anthracite activated carbon is found in home water purifiers. In the water purifier, the Anthracite coal layer is lined at the top. When combined with a layer of quartz sand, water filter sand will cause residue, mud floss or large sand particles to be retained in the first layer of coal. Small suspended substances and turbid substances will be retained by the sand layer below, making the filtered water quality better, cleaner, clearer and safer for users.

    In the metallurgical industry

    Besides being used in wastewater treatment, Anthracite coal is also used as energy in the fields of power generation, metallurgy, and cement production. Anthracite accounts for about 1% of global coal reserves, with China accounting for the majority of production. Other producing countries are Russia, USA, UK, Australia, North Korea, South Africa, Vietnam. Total anthracite coal production mined in 2010 was estimated to be about 670 million tons.
    Anthracite coal

    Reputable unit selling anthracite coal for water filtration

    If you are wondering where to buy quality and reputable water filtration anthracite coal, Song Phung Environmental Company is proud to be a trustworthy unit. With many years of experience in supplying water filtration equipment, water filtration materials, experienced staff and modern facilities, we will bring you the best service experience. . Song Phung Environmental Company always has a large quantity of water filter gravel in all sizes and packaged according to your requirements.
    Anthracite coal is quite commonly used in both home and industrial water purifiers. Therefore, on the market today there are many units selling this type of coal. However, where is the place that sells reputable and quality-assured Anthracite activated carbon?
    Known as a reputable unit in providing chemicals with a team of dedicated customer care staff, Song Phung Environmental Company will be a place where you can place your trust.
    Above, Song Phung Environmental Company has just provided you with detailed information about Anthracite coal. If you want to buy this product, please contact us immediately for the most dedicated advice!
    In addition, Song Phung Environmental Company also provides comprehensive system solutions from design to supply, installation, operation and technology transfer. Up to now, Song Phung Environmental Company has become a reputable and trustworthy brand with more than 5000+ cooperative customers and 4000+ projects implemented in most business fields.

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