Large size filter gravel

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    Large size filter gravel

    Features, technical specifications in the product catalog:

    Water filter gravel is one of the water filtration materials commonly used in water treatment projects. So what is the composition of water filter gravel? What are its advantages, roles and applications? What should you keep in mind when using quartz gravel to filter water? Those are questions that many people are wondering. In this article, Song Phung Environmental Company will specifically answer the above questions for you.
    This product category applies to common support gravel for water filtration such as: 3-5mm, 4-6mm, 5-10mm, 8-12mm

    What is supporting gravel used for water filtration?

    Water filter gravel (support gravel, quartz gravel) is one of the popular water filtration materials today. This material has the effect of filtering and preventing small suspended elements that cannot naturally precipitate in the water source. It is often used as a support material along with other materials in the filtration process: quartz sand, activated carbon, ODM or manganese sand.

    Ingredients of supporting gravel product:

    • Silicon oxide (SiO2) content: 99.4%.
    • Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) content: 0.1%.
    • Iron oxide content (Fe2O3): < 0.1%.
    • Sodium oxide (Na2O) content: 0.1%.
    • Clay composition: < 0.1%.
    • Solubility rate in hydrochloric acid: ≤ 0.2%.
    • Impurities: 1%.
    • Mechanical strength: 7.5.

    Sỏi kích thước lớn 20-30mm

    Advantages of quartz gravel

    • Sand and gravel for water filtration are materials that exist naturally, so the cost of exploitation and production is cheap and can be met in a short time.
    • Quartz gravel has high hardness so it does not corrode and has a long life.
    • Quartz gravel does not affect or change the physical and chemical properties of water because it does not react with chemical agents in the water.
    • Insoluble and hard, suitable for use as bottom lining of water softening systems.
    • Quartz gravel is easily combined with other filtering materials such as manganese sand, activated carbon, cation particles, etc. to increase the treatment efficiency of the water treatment system.
    Gravel and sand
    The supporting gravel layer is at the bottom of the filter material layers

    What is the effect of gravel in water filtration?

    Water filter gravel has the following effects:
    • Water filter gravel is a very popular water filtration material today, which has the effect of filtering and preventing small suspended particles that cannot naturally precipitate in the water source.
    • Water filter gravel is used as a support material for other materials in the filtration process such as: quartz sand, activated carbon, manganese sand, ODM, birm granules,…

    Application of water filtration gravel

    • Treatment of water supply, pure water, domestic water for households and industry.
    • Domestic wastewater treatment in industrial parks, urban areas,…
    • As a construction additive.
    • Making ship-blasting sand requires a large size.
    • Making construction materials such as decorating flower beds, ornamental plants, wall tiles, etc.

    Some requirements for water filtration gravel

    • Choose polygonal or spherical particles that ensure enough hardness and durability to not reduce water flow, are not mixed with toxic impurities, and meet density requirements (filter gravel density is usually 1400kg/ m3) helps bring the best water filtration efficiency.
    • Gravel density must be greater than 2.5kg/l unless there are specific design requirements. The proportion of gravel with broken or cracked surfaces does not exceed 25% of the sample’s weight. For flat or too long particles, it should not be more than 2% of the sample weight. Especially do not choose gravel mixed with clay, schist or other organic impurities.

    Note when using quartz sand and gravel

    • Water filter gravel is placed at the bottom of the column or filter tank to act as a support material for other types of filter materials.
    • Filter gravel will be combined with filter sand (manganese sand or quartz sand) to bring the best quality and highest filtration efficiency.
    • The minimum thickness of the supporting gravel layer is 0.2m. You need to cover the water outlet pipe when pouring gravel into the column or filter tank.
    • Filter gravel must be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Regularly clean the filter gravel.

    Reputable unit selling water filter gravel and water filter stone

    If you are wondering where to buy quality and reputable water filter gravel, Song Phung Environmental Company is proud to be a trustworthy unit. With many years of experience in supplying water filtration equipment, water filtration materials, experienced staff and modern facilities, we will bring you the best service experience. . Song Phung Environmental Company always has a large quantity of water filter gravel in all sizes and packaged according to your requirements.
    In addition, Song Phung Environmental Company also provides comprehensive system solutions from design to supply, installation, operation and technology transfer. Up to now, Song Phung Environmental Company has become a reputable and trustworthy brand with more than 5000+ cooperative customers and 4000+ projects implemented in most business fields.
    Đóng gói cát -sỏi
    Above is specific information about water filtration gravel products. If you want to learn about the product or want to order, please contact us for advice and the best quote!

    Filter media calculator

    Calculate filter media for filter tank (Purpose: calculate filter media, select filter media, calculate height of filter material in filter tank, select filter capacity for filter tank, select appropriate filter tank)

    Enter filter tank diameter (mm):
    FRP filter tank model:

    Average filter flow (for filter speed - 15m3/m2.h): m3/h

    Filter media

    Total height of filter media: mm

    Media type Filter media height Unit Results Unit
    Filter gravel mm kg
    Filter sand mm kg
    Glass sand mm kg
    Anthracite coal mm kg
    Activated carbon mm kg
    Birm for removed iron mm kg
    ODM for removed iron mm L
    Softener resin mm L

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