What you need to know about water neutralization systems

Many people do not know that the pH of the water they drink every day is very important. When you know the pH of the water entering your water supply system

6 Practical Ways to Reduce Water Pollution at Home

Imagine a world where every drop of water is clean and safe to drink – it starts with you. As the global population soars, the urgency to tackle water pollution intensifies.

Did you know: Effect of ozone gas on human life

Nowadays, ozone gas has been widely applied in all essential fields of life. Ozone technology is the most modern clean technology currently available. However, are you aware of the effects of ozone gas?

Is it Safe To Drink Tap Water After A Flood

With water rising as high as 30 feet or more, floods can be incredibly destructive. For those living in flood-prone areas, the aftermath is all too familiar: a bleak landscape filled

Difference between nominal and absolute filter

Nominal and absolute filters are two types of filters that have different filtration capacities. Nominal filters have a set pore size range and a nominal particle retention efficiency, which means that

Explained: Effects of Hard Water on Your Dishwasher?

We rely on our kitchen appliances to make our lives easier, and the dishwasher is undoubtedly one of the most essential. You load it with dirty dishes after every meal, and

Introduction of UV lamps – Consulting on choosing UV lamps to disinfect water

Introduction of UV lamps The UV spectrum has a higher frequency than that of visible light and a lower frequency than that of X-rays. This also means that the UV spectrum

What type of water is best for making coffee?

Besides the beans you choose carefully to brew, water is the most important element to add to any cup of coffee – but what makes a truly great-tasting and beautiful cup

What Is a Septic Tank and How Does It Work?

The first septic tank as we know it was invented in 1860. Jean-Louis Mouras was determined to create a waste management system that did not involve manually dumping wastewater outside. Inspired

How To Improve Water Quality Parameters With Chemical-Free Nanobubbles

Maintaining good water quality in lakes is important for protecting human health, supporting biodiversity and ecosystem services, and promoting economic development and recreational activities. Many lakes are used as a source

Effects of Fertilizer Runoff on Drinking Water Quality

Since ancient times, many farmers have relied on organic fertilizers to keep soil healthy and productive. But with the development of petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers, used to give plants a quick fix

9 Reasons Your Tap Water Tastes Bad and How to Fix It

No one wants to sip on a gross-tasting drink—certainly not when it’s the water from the sink. In its purest form, water shouldn’t taste like anything. But sometimes, it can have