Carbsorb 30 activated carbon

    Brand: Calgon
    Origin: USA


    • Model: Carbsorb 30
    • Specification: 25 kg/bag (Option: 1 ton/Jumbo bag)
    • Surface loading rate: 2-6gpm/ft2
    • Expansion when washing: 20%
    • Iodine index: 900 mg/g (min).
    • Color: typical black
    • Moisture: 2% max
    • Hardness index: 90 (min)
    • Ash level: 14%
    • Application: Absorb odors, organic substances and heavy metals, creating sweet taste for water
    • Unit price applies to 1kg
    • Origin: Calgon
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    Carbsorb 30 activated carbon

    What is activated carbon?

    Activated carbon is an adsorbent material, its function is to adsorb organic molecules in its microscopic pores. It is activated by thermal or chemical processes to enhance adsorption capacity (to form internal pores).

    Activated carbon is a porous element that traps compounds, mainly organic, present in gases or liquids. It does this so effectively that it is the most widely used purifying agent used by humans.

    On the other hand, organic compounds are derived from the metabolism of organisms and their basic structure consists of chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. They include all derivatives from the plant and animal world, including petroleum and compounds obtained from it.

    The property of a solid to adhere a flowing molecule to its wall is called “adsorption”. The solid is called the “adsorbent” and the molecule is called the “adsorbent”.

    After filtration, which aims to retain solids in the liquid, no purification process has more applications than activated carbon.


    Carbsorb 30&40

    Carbsorb™ 30 and Carbsorb™ 40 are cost-effective bituminous coal-based granular activated carbons offered by Calgon Carbon Corporation for liquid phase applications.

    Application of activated carbon

    • Carbsorb activated carbon is suitable for use in water sources with low TOC (total organic carbon) index. In air/steam filtration, coconut shell activated carbon also has an advantage in adsorbing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), especially organic substances with light molecular weight.
    • The cases where activated carbon is less effective than coal are when treating surface water with high TOC, wastewater treatment or decolorization. Activated carbon from coal is more effective when treating organic matter with heavy molecular weight.
    • Filtering water supply and domestic wastewater.

    Advantages of Carbsorb activated carbon

    • Adsorption capacity allows effective removal of organic pollutants, tastes and odors
    • The bituminous coal base creates a product with high hardness ensuring excellent abrasion resistance
    • The mesh size of the product allows to limit pressure drop
    • This is a product that meets quality standards and can be used in wastewater treatment and clean water supply projects. Coal has a more hollow structure and is smaller than the type made from coal. Therefore, it both has a large contact surface area and can filter out small-sized components that cause cloudy water.

    Activating carbon: How is carbon activated?

    Coal can be activated by thermal or chemical processes. Thermal processes to activate coal consist of causing a partial oxidation of the coal, so that pores are formed, but avoiding gasification and the loss of more coal than necessary. This occurs at temperatures between 600 and 1100 °C, and in a controlled atmosphere (achieved by injecting an appropriate amount of water vapor or nitrogen).

    Chemical processes start from the raw material before carbonization. The reagents are dehydrating agents (such as phosphoric acid) that break the bonds that bind the cellulose chains together. After this stage, the material is carbonized at a low temperature (about 550 °C) and then washed to remove reagent residues and other by-products.

    Furnaces in which a coal is thermally activated or in which a coal is carbonized by pretreatment with a chemical can be rotary or vertical (staged).

    Carbsorb 30 activated carbon
    Calgon Activated carbon 

    From the above information, you can see that activated carbon is a useful product in life. So, where is the best place to buy activated carbon in Ho Chi Minh City?

    On the market today, there are many places selling and supplying activated carbon for you to choose from. However, this is a product that directly affects human health, so when you need to use it, you should go to reputable establishments and addresses to avoid buying poor quality products.

    Proud to be a leading unit in the field of import – distribution providing domestic users and exported activated carbon, Song Phung Environmental Company is committed to bringing you quality products.

    Providing equipment for the water and environment industry at wholesale prices, the selling price listed on the website is the official selling price.

    • 100% genuine origin and origin.
    • Flexible and fast delivery.
    • Design, consulting, supply, installation, operation, and transfer of the entire package.
    • Providing more and more quality goods.
    • Enthusiastic, in-depth, friendly, professional consulting, online 24/7.
    • Respond to customer requests quickly.
    • Provide full CO and CQ documents for imported goods.
    • Genuine warranty according to manufacturer’s conditions.
    Carbsorb 30 activated carbon
    Calgon Activated carbon – at our stock

    If you want to buy activated carbon, please contact Song Phung Environmental Company immediately or visit the website: thietbinganhnuoc.com to learn more information about our company’s products!

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