Softener calculator


Choose one case below for start to calculate

Ca2+ hardness mg/l
Mg2+ hardness mg/l
Or enter total hardness mg/l CaCO 3
Enter softener flowrate m 3/h
Enter total hours running in a cycle
(Filter cycle time)
Height of filter media resin
(From 600mm to 2600mm, normally from 800mm to 1500mm)


Water indicator Water indicator
Total hardness: mg/l CaCO 3
Total soft water produce m 3/Cycle
Total hardness removed Kg Grains/cycle
The volume of Ion exchange resin needed L
Filter diameter tank recommended m
Filtration velocity m 3/m 2.h
Recommended Brine Tank Size L
Salt need for regeneration in one cycle Kg
  • Determine whether the water you are using is hard or soft water
  • Determine softening tank size
  • Determine water softener system capacity
  • Calculate the required volume of ion exchange resin
  • Calculate how long it takes for a cycle then regeneration
  • Calculate the amount of salt needed to regeneration