ODM-2F filter media

    Brand: OKPUR
    Origin: Russia


    • Model: ODM-2F
    • Size: 0.8-2.0mm, granulated
    • Specification: 40L/bag (option: 25L/bag)
    • Density: 650kg/m3
    • Surface area: 120-180 m2/g
    • Porosity: 70%
    • Absorption capacity: 1.3g/g
    • Water immersion: 90-95%
    • Color: Ivory yellow, golden brown
    • Application: Used as a multi-purpose filter material and as a catalyst in the iron and manganese reduction process
    • Replacement cycle: 3-5 years
    • Unit price applies to 1L
    • Origin: OKPUR
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    ODM-2F filter media

    Multi-purpose filter material ODM-2F is a natural product (main ingredients are diatomite, zeolite, benonnite) activated at high temperature, put into use in 1998 in many projects in Russia and many other countries. Used in Vietnam since 2002.

    Characteristics of ODM-2F filter media:

    • Country of manufacture: Russia. The product was granted patent number 2141375 by the Patent and Trademark Administration of the Russian Federation on December 15, 1998.
    • Scope of application: can simultaneously replace quartz sand, catalytic particles and activated carbon in the technological process of clean water and wastewater treatment. The product is certified safe for use in domestic and drinking water supply.
    • Characteristics: absorbent, adsorbent and multi-purpose filter material.
    • Basic chemical composition: SiO2 <= 84%; Fe2O3 <= 3.2%; Al2O3 + MgO + CaO = 8%;

    Vật liệu lọc đa năng ODM-2F

    Uses of multi-purpose filter material ODM – 2F:

    • Raise and stabilize the pH of water in the range of 6.5-8.0
    • Catalytic iron reduction process (Fe < 35 mg/l)
    • Reduces nitrogen content (nitrite, nitrate, ammonium), phosphate (20-50% depending on filtration speed from 4-7 m/h), has the ability to remove arsenic and fluoride in water (similar effect to catalytic particles). Alumina).
    • Reduces the content of some organic compounds in water
    • Removes heavy metals such as copper, zinc, chromium, nickel
    • Reduce oil content (absorb about 90 mg oil/g seed)
    • Eliminate radioactive substances

    Advantages of multi-purpose filter material ODM – 2F:

    • Combines many treatment steps such as catalysis, flocculation, and sediment filtration in the same equipment.
    • Increases safety for post-treated water quality
    • Operation is as simple as regular sand
    • The price is much lower than other types of adsorbents
    • It is possible to replace currently used filter materials without changing the filter tank structure.
    • The amount of filtered water is lower than other materials

    Scope of application of multi-purpose filter material ODM – 2F:

    • Input pH >= 6. In case pH < 6, filter combined with pH raising beads (LS) or raise pH with chemicals (optimal pH for iron reduction is 6.5).
    • Input iron content <=35 mg/l
    • Filtration speed: 5-20m/h. Can be used in open filter tanks or pressure filter tanks, filtering direction is from top to bottom.
    • ODM-2F granules do not require reconstitution (except for the defluorination process). After a period of use of about 3-5 years (depending on source water quality and treatment requirements), the seeds need to be replaced.
    Vật liệu lọc đa năng ODM-2F

    Recommended use:

    • Filtration speed and ODM-2F filter material layer thickness will be adjusted according to the iron content or pollutants in the water. To treat groundwater, you should arrange an aerator, aerator or ejector in front of the filter tank to provide additional oxygen during the iron oxidation process.
    • To increase treatment efficiency for water sources with low pH, it should be combined with pH raising particles (LS). The LS particle layer thickness is adjusted according to the pH of the water source and filtration speed. Or use with pH raising chemicals such as NaOH, Na2CO3, lime.
    • To create water clarity, a layer of quartz sand 0.2-0.3m thick should be placed under the ODM-2F layer.
    • In devices that remove iron with high iron content above 5 mg/l: the ODM-2F layer height should be at least 0.8m, the filtration speed should not exceed 20m/h. The treatment effect will be better after 3-4 days of operation (the initial time to create a catalytic surface on the grain surface).
    • In case the groundwater contains iron in the form of organic complexes, a little chlorine can be added before the ODM-2F filter tank.
    • ODM-2F seeds are capable of treating oil in water sources with oil concentrations up to 20mg/l. The oil absorption capacity of the seeds is 90mg/g
    • It is necessary to wash ODM-2F seeds before putting them into use.
    • Rinse the filter periodically using a backwashing process. Backwash cycle 1-2 times/day.night. The washing water intensity to ensure the expansion of the filter material layer reaches 30% is 10 l/s.m2. Filter washing time is 15-20 minutes. No need for ventilation.

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    Vật liệu lọc đa năng ODM-2F
    ODM-2F filter media in stock
    Above is basic information about the characteristics, uses and how to use manganese sand effectively. If you want to buy quality ODM-2F for water filtration at a good price, please contact Song Phung Environmental Company immediately for quick advice and support!

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