Salt tablets

    Brand: Watersoft
    Origin: India


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    Salt tablets

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Muối viên Ấn Độ

    Muối viên Ấn Độ


    • Density, mixed 2.16 g/cm3, solid
    • Solubility in water 35.9 g/100 ml (25 oC)
    • Melting point 801 oC (1074 oK)
    • Boiling point 1465 oC (1738 0K)

    Physical properties

    • Crystal structure: Each atom has 6 neighboring atoms creating an octahedral structure. This distribution is called closed cubic coupling.
    • Solubility in water 35.9g/ml (25 oC)
    • Melting point: 801 oC
    • Boiling point 1413 oC
    • Density 2.16g/cm3
    • NaCl is sparingly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in concentrated HCl.

    Chemical properties

    • NaCl salt is a strong electrolyte, completely dissociating in water, creating positive and negative ions.
    • Sodium Chloride salt is a salt of a fairly strong base and a strong acid, so it is neutral and therefore relatively chemically inert.
    • The pyrolysis reaction of NaCl produces white Na and greenish-yellow chlorine gas: 2NaCl → 2Na + Cl2
    • When reacting with AgNO3, it will create 2 new salts, of which 1 salt creates a white precipitate:  AgNO3 + NaCl → AgCl + NaNO3
    • When reacting with concentrated H2SO4, under appropriate temperature conditions and then absorbing into water, a new acid will be obtained, HCl: H2SO4 + NaCl → HCl + NaHSO4

    Advantages of Indian Water Soft salt tablets

    Pure Indian salt tables are produced on a modern technological line, with purity with NaCl content of 99.5% min, tight pellets, not easily broken during transportation and storage. Pure Indian salt tables are the main product effective in regenerating ion resins in water softening systems, free of impurities and residue, pure to ensure safety for users and the system.
    Pure salt tables to regenerate ion exchange resin is necessary, which is the process of “removing” positive ions from the surface of the filter material, helping the filter material return to its almost original ion exchange state. With specialized food cations for water treatment, reconstitution will be done with pure Indian salt. In addition, Water Soft salt tablets also have the following advantages:
    • Expiry date & 3 year warranty.
    • Stable in water for 48 hours.
    • Makes sterile, safe, sterilized, germ-free and pure water for our various home appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, etc.,
    • Does not leave a strange/unpleasant odor in the water.
    • Does not require boiling water or use of filters, equipment, RO Systems, appliances & equipment..
    • No need for maintenance, replacement hassle & cost.

    Application of Indian Water Soft salt tablets

    • Use reconstituted salt to regenerate the water softener.
    • Used in bottled water purifiers, making water sweeter and avoiding astringency.
    • Applications of pure salt are used to regenerate cation resins in water softening systems, regenerate anion resins in water desalination systems and in a number of other industrial applications.
    • In the textile and dyeing industry: Indian pure salt tablets use reconstituted salt to regenerate water softeners
    • In rubber production: Pure salt pellets are used to make synthetic rubber and white rubber.
    • In the pulp and paper industry: Pure salt pellets are used to bleach wood pulp. It is also used to make sodium chlorate, which is added together with sulfuric acid and water to produce chlorine gas.
    • Indian salt pellets are used in the food processing industry, paper and pulp production industry, dyes in the textile industry and fabric production, soap and detergent production.
    Muối viên Ấn Độ
    The application of Indian salt tables is very common in water softening systems

    Why are our Asian Soft Salt Tablets the ideal choice for water softening?

    1. Outstanding performance:
      Our salt tablets are specially formulated to effectively soften water. By using our salt tablets, you can effectively remove minerals that cause hardness, such as calcium and magnesium, from your water supply. This results in improved water quality, reduced scale buildup, and increased longevity of your appliances and plumbing.
    2. Convenient and easy to use:
      Our salt tablets are designed for convenience and ease of use. With a consistent size and shape, they are easy to handle and add to your water softener system. The tablets dissolve quickly, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free water softening process.
    3. Precise dosage control:
      Each salt tablet contains a precise amount of salt, allowing for precise dosage control. This ensures that you can optimize the amount of Salt used in your water softener, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Our Salt Tablets provide a reliable and consistent supply of Salt, eliminating the need for manual measurement and reducing the risk of under- or over-processing.
    4. Cost-effective solution:
      Our salt tablets provide a cost-effective water softening solution. By using our salt tables, you can avoid the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining traditional salt blocks or granules. The precise dosage control and efficient performance of our Salt Tablets saves you both time and money in the long run.
    5. Environmentally friendly:
      We are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Our salt tablets are made from highly purified refined free-flowing salt and do not contain any harmful additives. By using our salt pellets, you contribute to a greener environment by reducing waste and minimizing your impact on water sources and ecosystems.

    Muối viên Ấn Độ Muối viên Ấn Độ

    Benefits of Indian Water Soft salt tablets

    • Soft water makes for healthy skin and hair.
    • Reduce soap consumption.
    • Soft water helps save money, increases comfort and quality of life, while protecting the environment.
    • Water is essential in hospitals and for laboratory work.
    • Soft water helps maintain cleanliness during a variety of daily hospital procedures. Residues on glass washers and on laboratory analytical instruments and many such devices are prevented by soft water.

    Where to buy Indian Water Soft salt tablets

    Song Phung Company is the importer and direct distributor of Water Soft crystal salt tables in Vietnam. Each batch of imported salt has documents proving the manufacturer’s clear origin and has a quality certificate issued by a competent authority and is carefully inspected by the Customs agency before passing through the port.
    In addition to the outstanding quality of pure salt tables, with improved moisture-proof packaging that is different from the market, the price of pure salt pellets our company provides to the market is the lowest.
    Muối viên Ấn Độ
    Indian salt tablets are always in stock

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