OrganoGuard 100 antifoulant chemical

Brand: PWT
Origin: USA


  • Model: ORGANOGUARD 100-5G
  • Specification: barrel volume: 18.9 liters (5gallon)
  • Weight: 20.4kg/barrel
  • Specific gravity: 1.0 – 1.1 kg/l
  • pH: 2-2.5
  • Characteristics: Clear liquid
  • Chemical dosage: 1.0 mg/l per mg/l TOC (Total Organic Carbon)
  • Uses: Used to prevent organic scale for reverse osmosis (RO) and nano filtration membranes (NF).
  • Origin: PWT -USA
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OrganoGuard 100 antifoulant chemical

What is antifoulant?

  • Antiscalant & antifoulants work differently but all with the same goal, keeping your RO/NF membranes running at maximum productivity. Antifoulants work to prevent organic and biological material, colloids, silt, and other fine particulates from attaching themselves to the membrane. Antiscalant temporarily keeps sparingly soluble salts in solution so they do not stick to the membrane and form scale. There are many different types of scale and foulants which can hinder membrane performance. Depending on your water chemistry, you may need a broad spectrum antiscalant, a specifically targeted antifoulant or a product which provides protection for both.
  • OrganoGuard™ 100 is a ready for use chemical pretreatment developed to reduce the adhesion of organics to the membrane surface and other ancillary equipment. OrganoGuard™ 100’s ability to effectively disperse organic foulants present in feed waters makes it a great addition to any pretreatment regiment. Ideal for systems plagued with organic fouling issues, OrganoGuard™ 100 ensures stable performance with superior control of the feed water chemistry. In addition to the performance benefits, OrganoGuard™ 100’s phosphate/phosphonate free formula reduces a facilities negative impact on the local environment. Can be blended with other PWT pretreatments such as SpectraGuard and BioGuard, reducing chemical dosing equipment.

Advantage of OrganoGuard 100 antifoulant chemical

  • Will not cause precipitate to form in feedwater equipment or membrane
  • Stable in presence of chlorine, can be used in systems with halogen in feedwater
  • Effective over a wide pH range, minimizing need for pH adjustment
  • Compatible and will not precipitate in the presence of feedwater sources that contain metal oxides
  • Certified to ANSI/NSF 60 standards

Application of OrganoGuard 100 antifoulant chemical

Control of calcium carbonate calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium fluoride, and hydroxides of iron and aluminum

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Refer to the utility to calculate the dosage of anti-scale chemicals that need to be added to your system


Feed water flowrate before RO membrane m3/h
Permit water flowrate after RO membrane m3/h
Dose of antiscalant chemical
(Normally from 1-5mg/l based on feed water quality)
Operation time h/day
Chemical mixing cycle Day/time
Chemical storage tank L


Antiscalant chemical consumption per day 0 Kg/day
Antiscalant chemical need to fill in the mixing tank 0 Kg
Recovery of RO system 0 %
Antiscalant chemical concentration after mixed 0 %
Dose of antiscalant chemical after mixed 0 L/h

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Mr. Huy – 0913274433

Mr. Lực – 0919569221



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