Polyaluminum chloride

    Brand: SongPhung
    Origin: China


    • Model: PAC
    • Product name: PAC – Poly Aluminum Chloride
    • Appearance: Lemon yellow, turmeric yellow
    • Al2O3: ≥ 30%
    • PH (1% water solution): 3.5 ~ 5.0
    • Packaging: 25kg/bag
    • Unit price for 1kg
    • Applications: Swimming pool water treatment, flocculation, sedimentation, etc. can be used to treat wastewater containing suspended sediment such as industrial wastewater from the ceramic industry, brick, paper, dyeing, seafood processing plants, and factories. livestock slaughter industry.
    • Origin: Song Phung
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    Polyaluminum chloride

    What is Polyaluminum chloride:

    PAC (Polyaluminium Chloride) coagulant is a process of adding PAC to water to help settle suspended particles. PAC undergoes hydrolysis in water, producing a complex of positively charged polynuclear aluminum ions. These positively charged ions attract and neutralize negatively charged particles in the water, causing them to stick together and form larger particles called clumps. The clumps can then be removed by sedimentation or filtration.

    PAC is an effective coagulant due to its high charge density and large molecular size. It can remove a variety of impurities from water, including organic matter, suspended solids, and some heavy metals. Additionally, PAC is versatile as it can operate across a wide range of pH values, making it a useful choice for various water treatment applications.


    Physical and chemical properties of PAC coagulant:

    • Powder form, lemon yellow in color, completely soluble in water.
    • This form of PAC can be stored for a long time when stored in a sealed bag, at room temperature and placed in a cool, dry place.

    Chemical properties of PAC coagulant chemicals:

    • Works best in pH conditions from about 6.5 – 8.5 (when heavy metal ions have precipitated and sunk to the bottom or adhered tightly to the colloidal particles formed).
    • When added to water, it will dissolve and release heat, regardless of the ratio.
    • Has strong absorbency.

    Advantages of PAC coagulant chemicals:

    • The settling ability of PAC is 4-5 times higher than that of alum aluminum sulfate.
    • PAC chemicals create large, easy-to-settle flocs, minimizing the amount of solid waste sludge in water
    • The dosage of PAC chemicals is low, saving costs for businesses when used
    • Environmentally friendly, safe for users’ health
    • Thoroughly remove heavy metals

    Application of PAC flocculation chemicals:

    • Pool water treatment, flocculation, sedimentation,…
    • Can be used to treat wastewater containing suspended sediment such as industrial wastewater from the ceramic, brick, paper, dyeing industries, seafood processing plants, and livestock slaughterhouses.
    • Polyaluminium chloride PAC is used to treat 1 m3 of wastewater. between 15-30 grams, depending on the suspended sediment content and properties of each type of wastewater. The exact dosage needs to be determined through direct testing with the object to be treated
    • The PAC flocculation method is commonly used in drinking water and wastewater treatment, as well as in industrial processes such as paper production. This process is highly effective and can help improve water quality by removing impurities and creating cleaner water.
    • Through the hydroxyl ion bridging function and multivalent anionic polymer function, it produces inorganic macromolecules with large molecules and high electrical power, providing higher performance than traditional coagulants.
    • Wide applicable range of PH value, good effect in cleaning river water with algae, low temperature and low turbidity, mild pollution, and better effect in cleaning high turbidity river water.
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