Package CIP inorganic for 8040 RO membrane

    Brand: PWT
    Origin: USA

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    • Model: RO-8040A
    • Specification: 2430g
    • pH (1% solution): 2.5 – 3.5
    • Characteristics: white powder
    • Dosage: 150g/4inch RO, 430g/8inch membrane
    • Uses: Formulated to dissolve inorganic precipitants from the membrane surface, to chelate and remove oxides of iron and aluminum from the membrane surface
    • Origin: PWT -USA
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    Package CIP inorganic for 8040 RO membrane

    What is CIP?

    • CIP is the abbreviation of Clean In Place, which is a cleaning method for cleaning equipment without changing the position of the equipment.
    • Chemical cleaning of the membrane system is mainly divided into acidic cleaning and alkaline cleaning. Acidic cleaning agents are used to remove inorganic contaminants, including iron pollution, while alkaline cleaning agents are used to clean organic contaminants, including microorganisms. When preparing the cleaning agent, it is best to use the product water of the membrane system to prepare the cleaning solution. Of course, in many cases, qualified pretreated effluent can also be used to prepare the cleaning solution. The raw water may have a large buffering capacity, and more cleaning agents may be needed to reach the specified pH value. The pH of acid cleaning is about 2, and the pH of alkaline cleaning is about 12.
    • OptiClean™ A is a low pH (acidic) powdered cleaner combining select chelants and solubilizing agents to remove metal hydroxides, carbonates, sulfates, calcium phosphates and other similar scales. OptiClean™ A provides broad spectrum scale removal, and is ideal for situations where limited information is available on foulant make-up. Combining OptiClean™ A with an alkaline cleaner such as OptiClean™ B for particulate and organic removal provides a comprehensive cleaning.
    • RO-8040A membrane cleaning package is a chemical package divided from CIP chemicals of PWT – USA, packaged appropriately for 1 RO 8040 membrane that is clogged due to inorganic pollutants.

    Advantage of OptiClean A CIP chemical

    • Readily dissolvable powdered cleaner provides efficient shipping and handling
    • Phosphate-free formula to reduce negative impact on the environment
    • Buffered pH to maintain optimum cleaning performance throughout cleaning cycle
    • Best results when used in conjunction with either OptiClean™ B or Lavasol™ 2
    • Classified for use in membrane systems producing drinking water (ANSI/NSF/CAN Standard 60)

    Application of OptiClean A CIP chemical

    • For use on reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF) and micro-filtration (MF) membranes
    • Formulated to dissolve inorganic precipitants from the membrane surface
    • To chelate and remove oxides of iron and aluminum from the membrane surface

    When do I need to clean the RO membrane?

    When you notice any ONE of the following changes:

    • NPF (Normalized Permeate Flowrate) = Permeate flow rate reduced by 10 – 15%
    • NDP (Normalized Differential Pressure) = Differential pressure from 10 – 15%
    • NSP (Normalized Salt Passage) = The amount of salt passing through the membrane increases from 10 – 15%

    The benefits of the above indicators bring:

    • If these limits are exceeded for a long time, it may not be possible to recover as before!
    • Helps you plan your membrane cleaning activities proactively
    • Determine your plant’s standard membrane washing frequency and stick to it

    How to use organic OptiClean A CIP chemical

    The standard CIP diagram is as follows:

    CIP Diagram
    CIP diagram standard for 1 RO vessel
    CIP Diagram
    CIP diagram standard for multi RO vessels
    • The CIP chemical solution flow operates in the same direction as the filtration process. CIP chemical solution circulation time is from 30-90 minutes. Recommended CIP for each Stage. Maximum flow is 152 liters/minute for 8 inch RO membrane and 38 liters/minute for 4 inch RO membrane. Maximum cleaning pressure is 60 psig (4.2 bar).
    • In case the RO membrane is heavily clogged, at the initial CIP, it is recommended to separate the stream and discharge 10 – 20% of the membrane cleaning solution stream to avoid residues that have separated from the membrane and then stick to the membrane surface. When re-operating the RO system, the permitted water stream after filtering must be discharged to ensure that residual membrane cleaning chemicals are completely removed from the system.
    • Rinse the membrane with RO water before operating the system again

    # Note: In case of using multiple types of OptiClean chemicals to clean the membrane, absolutely do not mix the chemicals together but must CIP each type to avoid mixing them together to change the properties of OptiClean. Flow depends on the type of pump used. If the flow is not enough, it can be divided into CIP for each stage. Pressure below 3 bar. During chemical immersion, to maintain a stable temperature the flow rate must be low

    Tips for cleaning membranes quickly:

    • To shorten the stability time of salt, clean with alkaline chemicals with high pH (OptiClean B) first, and acidic cleaning chemicals with low pH (OptiClean A,D,S) later.
    • Choose the right membrane cleaning chemical according to the type of scale.
    • You should change and adjust CIP parameters when the water color changes and the pH changes as follows: When you see the pH increase more than 0.5 during the inorganic cleaning process (add chemicals to stabilize the pH within the specified range of producer). When you see the pH decrease more than 0.5 during the organic cleaning process (add chemicals to stabilize the pH within the manufacturer’s specified range).
    • Report should be recorded after CIP (date/stage/cleaning conditions (performance, steps, time), cleaning performance).
    • You should check the filter cartridge before CIP.

    Choosing the right membrane cleaning chemicals is very important because frequent and poor cleaning will shorten the life of the membrane, and sometimes the wrong choice of cleaning chemicals can stain the membrane again. faster and reduces membrane life. Cleaning will be more effective if it is properly adjusted to each individual film condition.

    Offers, promotions, details of accompanying accessories (if any)

    • Song Phung is one of the reputable and long-standing distributors of OptiClean A CIP chemical in the Vietnamese market.
    • The OptiClean A CIP chemical price is distributed by Song Phung at the lowest price on the market

    Refer to the utility to calculate the dosage of anti-scale chemicals that need to be added to your system


    Enter model of RO membrane (4040 or 8040)
    Enter the amount of RO membrane that needs CIP Pcs


    Water volume for 1 RO membrane 0 L
    Water volume for total RO membranes 0 Kg
    Estimate the volume of water required in the pipeline (About 25%) 0 L
    Required volume of water remaining in CIP tank when recirculating 0 L
    Total clean water need to fill in the CIP tank 0 L
    Total CIP chemical needed 0 Kg

    Product is waiting for user manual to be updated
    Please contact the technical department for support and instructions for use:

    Mr. Huy – 0913274433

    Mr. Lực – 0919569221

    Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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