Calci hypochlorit (Ca(OCl)2) – Aquafit

    Brand: Aquafit
    Origin: India


    • Model: Aquafit 70
    • Product name: Chloride Aquafit
    • Name: Calcium hypochlorite or lime chloride
    • Formula: Ca(OCl)2
    • Chlorine concentration: 65-70%
    • Packaging: 45kg/can
    • CAS: 7778-54-3
    • Unit price for 1 can
    • Uses: Used to mix into water to make disinfectant, cleaning, and oxidizing solutions
    • Origin: Aquafit
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    Calci hypochlorit (Ca(OCl)2) – Aquafit

    Characterization of Calci hypochlorit (Ca(OCl)2) – Aquafit:

    CHLORINE Aquafit brand, also known as AQUA – ORG, is a powerful water disinfectant containing 70% chlorine. Each 45kg barrel acts as a powerful water disinfection solution, effectively eliminating bacteria and preventing algae growth in many different water sources. Trusted for its effectiveness, this chlorine formulation ensures superior water quality, improving safety and hygiene across a variety of applications.

    Chlorine (also known as chlorin or chlorine), is a compound of chlorine, with extremely strong oxidizing and antiseptic properties, commonly used for bleaching and disinfecting purposes. Chlorine currently available on the market is chlorine (Cl2), calcium hypochlorite [Ca(OCl)2] and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl). When mixed with water, it is transparent in color and has a distinct unpleasant odor. In addition, no matter what form it exists in, when it reacts with water, Chlorine also produces hypochlorite acid molecules that have a high disinfectant and bactericidal effect.

    Physical properties of Calci hypochlorit (Ca(OCl)2) – Aquafit:

    • Granular form (opaque white powder), unpleasant odor
    • Easily soluble in water. When dissolved in water, it will release a amount of chlorine gas, making the water have a slightly pungent smell.
    • Relative density: 2.35 g/cm3 (at 20o C)
    • Boiling temperature is 100°C
    • Flash point: not flammable
    • Solubility in water: 200 g/l (at 20o C)
    • Decomposition temperature: >177o C
    • Humidity: ≤ 5%
    Aquafit An Do-7
    Aquafit India

    Chemical properties of Calci hypochlorit (Ca(OCl)2) – Aquafit:

    • Chemical formula: Ca(OCl)2
    • Molecular mass is 142.976 g/mol
    • Calcium hypochlorite solution is alkaline
    • An inorganic mixture of lime and calcium chloride containing high concentrations of concentrated chlorine
    • Main ingredients in Indian chlorine aquafit product: ClO-: ≥ 70.0%, Ca(OH)2: ≤ 18.0%, CaCO3: ≤ 6.5%,
    • Has strong oxidizing and high bactericidal properties, easily soluble in water

    Applications of Indian Chlorine – Aquafit:

    • Application in swimming pool water treatment: To disinfect water in swimming pools to keep the swimming pool clean, free of algae and bacteria, we need to maintain the residual Chlorine content in the water at 0.6 – 1 ppm with a pH level of 7.2 – 7.6.
    • Used in wastewater treatment to disinfect output wastewater before being discharged into the environment, to oxidize organic impurities in source water.
    • Application in water treatment: Disinfect water and maintain residual chlorine concentration for civil and industrial water supply purposes, oxidize organic and inorganic substances in water
    • Application as a detergent: As a detergent and deodorizer in the kitchen and bathroom, helping to clean surfaces and used items.
    • In addition, Indian Chlorine is also used in the pulp and fiber industries.

    Storage and preservation of Indian Chlorine – Aquafit:

    • Store chemicals in a dry, cool place, not exposed to direct sunlight.
    • Do not store with other chemicals and avoid storing in damp places, and strictly follow the storage instructions on the packaging.
    • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN
    • There are danger warning signs in the storage area
    Aquafit An Do-3
    Aquafit India – stock

    Offers, promotions, details of accompanying accessories (if any)

    • Song Phung is one of the reputable and long-standing distributors of Calcium chloride chemical in the Vietnamese market.
    • The Calcium chloride chemical price is distributed by Song Phung at the lowest price on the market
    Aquafit An Do-8
    Aquafit India at stock

    Refer to the utility to Utility calculator for chlorine dosing for disinfection that need to be added to your system


    Enter water flowrate m3/h
    Dose of chlorine
    (Normally from 1-10mg/l based on water quality)
    mg/l (g/m3)
    Chlorine concentrate
    (Javel 9-10%, Chlorine powder 65-70%, Pure chlorine 99%)
    Operation time h/day
    Chemical mixing cycle Day/time
    Chemical storage tank L


    Chlorine consumption per hour 0 g/h
    Chlorine consumption per day 0 kg/day
    Antiscalant chemical need to fill in the mixing tank 0 Kg
    Antiscalant chemical concentration after mixed
    (Recommend concentration less than 5%)
    0 %
    Dose of chlorine after mixed 0 L/h

    Product is waiting for user manual to be updated
    Please contact the technical department for support and instructions for use:

    Mr. Huy – 0913274433

    Mr. Lực – 0919569221

    Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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