Chemical dosing pump Blue-White

    Brand: Blue-White
    Origin: USA


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    Chemical dosing pump Blue-White

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Blue-White TECH_C-600P
    Blue-White TECH_C-600P
    • To select pump for specific application, following data is required.
      •   Chemical to be handled
      •   Capacity (litre / hr)
      •   Systems back pressure (bar)
    • A wide range of accessories such as foot valve, dosing valve, check valve, pressure retaining valve, anti-siphon valve, pulsation dampener, level sensor, tank etc. are available on request to complete dosing system.

    Introduction to diaphragm dosing pumps from Blue-White

    • Blue-White® chemical dosing pumps are built with over 65 years of engineering experience and provide high performance capabilities for a wide range of operating processes.
    • Whether you are in industrial or municipal water treatment, pool and spa cleaning, oil and gas production, power generation or food and beverage manufacturing, our engineering and support team has the Tools and resources to help you overcome fluid challenges.
    • The CHEM-FEED® C-600P diaphragm metering pump is a simple and economical solution for many commercial and industrial liquid handling applications.
    Blue-White pump-10
    Blue-White pump

    Benefits and advantages of diaphragm metering pump products from Blue-White

    • Blue-White’s CHEM-FEED® Diaphragm Dosing Pump (Diaphragm Metering Pump) can deliver chemicals accurately in high-pressure applications and require minimal downtime.
    • Their proprietary DiaFlex® membrane is constructed with PVDF for exceptional chemical compatibility and is guaranteed for the life of the pump.
    • This compact pump features a permanently lubricated, all-ball bearing gear motor for smooth, powerful and quiet operation. Adjustable stroke from 4-100% allows precise small filling at high speed per minute.
    • All ball bearing, permanently lubricated gear motor for smooth, quiet, powerful operation.
    • Double-ball inlet and outlet cartridge type ceramic check valves. Chemical resistant PVDF pump head, valve body and fittings, ceramic balls, FKM static seals and TFE/P ball seat orings. No metal springs are used.
    • Outputs to 516 GPD.
    • Output pressures to 125 PSI.
    • Stroke adjustment from 4-100% permits accurate small injections at a high rate per minute. 27:1 turndown
    • PTFE coated Ethylene Propylene diaphragm can handle a wide variety of applications.
    • Durable metal epoxy coated construction.
    • PVDF suction (foot) valve with FKM and TFE/P o-rings, ceramic check ball and removable polypropylene filter screen.
    • Includes 3/8” OD x 1/4” ID suction and discharge tubing, Injection fitting with spring-loaded check valve and all mounting hardware.

    Application of chemical dosing pump

    • Chemical dosing applications are typically part of a chemical supply system that includes one or more pumps, tanks, plumbing, and control panels.
    • Chemical dosing pumps are used in industrial plants, agriculture, manufacturing facilities, medical laboratories and mining operations, in addition to water treatment and food processing.
    • Metering pumps have many applications in many industries. This extends to water treatment, agriculture, industry, manufacturing, medicine, food processing and mining. Generally, metering pumps are set up to inject product into a water or liquid stream to initiate a chemical or physical reaction. This is as easy as adding acid or harsh chemicals to the water to bring the pH to the desired level or adding chlorine to kill bacteria. You can also use other products, such as coagulants, to precipitate solids from liquids or change their properties.
    • Dosing can also be used to introduce chemicals into the stream to create a product. It can be used for production, etc. Ensure regular consistency of adhesives or additives in the production of fiber sheets and ensure stable brine quality for meat production. Metering pumps can also be used in high pressure and temperature applications, such as weighing kettle tanks with anti-corrosion or anti-scale agents or tank catalysts.

    What is included:

    • C-600P Diaphragm Metering Pump
    • Discharge injection fitting with check valve
    • Suction tube – clear PVC – 5′ length (3/8″ OD, 1/4″ ID)
    • Suction foot valve / strainer
    • Suction ceramic weight
    • Discharge tube – opaque polyethylene – 5′ length (3/8″ OD, 1/4″ ID)
    • Mounting hardware kit
    Blue-White pump--6250HV
    Blue-White pump–6250HV


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