BSK diaphragm pump with PP body

    Brand: BSK
    Origin: USA


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    BSK diaphragm pump with PP body

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    • To select BSK pump for specific application, following data is required.
      •   Chemical and powder to be handled
      •   Capacity (litre / hr)
      •   Total head (bar)
      • And a few additional factors such as: suction, solid object size, solution temperature, air supply volume,…
    • A wide range of accessories including silencers, check valves, air filters and pressure regulators, anti-vibration joints, level sensors, pressure tanks, pressure gauges etc. Available upon request to complete the dosing system.

    Introduction to BSK diaphragm pump with PP body

    Air-operated double-diaphragm pumps (AODD) are classified as reciprocating, reciprocating-type pumps. They work by displacing fluid from one of its two fluid chambers after each completed stroke. To operate, a diaphragm pump requires a certain amount of pressure (measured in pounds per square inch, bar, kg/cm2, etc.) and air volume (measured in cubic feet per minute, m3/min, etc.) l/s,…) to provide the appropriate amount of fluid.

    Nguyen ly bom mang BSK
    Principle of AODD BSK pump

    The simple genius of the AODD pump design means there are only a few moving wetted parts: two diaphragms connected by a common shaft, two inlet valve balls and two outlet valve balls. Diaphragms act as a separation membrane between the compressed air and liquid supplies. Pneumatically driving the diaphragm instead of a shaft helps balance the load on the diaphragm, which eliminates mechanical stress from operation and extends the life of the diaphragm. This also allows the valve balls to open and close on the valve seats, controlling the flow of fluid. This simple design and operation makes it easy for operators to find the correct pressure and flow to optimize operations.

    More specifically, the AODD pump begins to operate when the air distribution system directs the air supply to the right air chamber and the back of the diaphragm. This moves the diaphragm away from the center block and toward the fluid chamber, in the process pulling the opposing diaphragm inward. This means that the opposing diaphragm is now on its suction stroke. At the same time, atmospheric pressure pushes fluid into the intake manifold, forcing the inlet valve ball out of its seat. This allows fluid to move through the inlet valve ball and into the fluid chamber.

    When the pressurized right fluid chamber reaches its fluid capacity, the air valve redirects the compressed air to the back of the opposite diaphragm. This forces the diaphragm away from the center block while pulling the right diaphragm toward how the pump works with the center block. This closes the inlet valve ball on the opposite side while lifting the exhaust valve ball out of its seat and forcing the fluid to flow through the exhaust pipe. This process is repeated for the opposite side, with the fluid chamber filling, the air forced to redirect the diaphragms and the pressure created forcing the relief valve ball out of its seat as the fluid moves through exhaust pipe

    When the AODD diaphragm pump reaches its initial starting point, each diaphragm has undergone one suction and one discharge, forming one pumping cycle.

    Application of BSK diaphragm pump with PP body

    Motor-driven diaphragm pumps are typically used for metering, dosing or distribution applications, but AODD pumps tend to be popular devices, often used in conveying applications. They are relatively low cost and reliable; they can run dry and can pump dirty/contaminated fluids.

    Some common applications of pneumatic diaphragm pumps are as follows:

    Oil and Gas

    Midstream and upstream systems use these pumps because they safely handle toxic and corrosive fluids, and their sealless design helps prevent environmental contamination and leaks. Additionally, the simple design helps transport oil, gas and other petroleum products efficiently. Another benefit is simple maintenance and durability compared to other pumps under these harsh operating conditions. Industry experts sometimes refer to AODD pumps as “double-diaphragm oil transfer pumps” because they are so popular in the oil and gas industry.

    Water & wastewater treatment

    Wastewater treatment poses many challenges, including chemicals, solids and hazardous materials entering the facility. Therefore, water and wastewater treatment applications require pumps to handle these dangerous corrosive materials, particles, solids and liquids. This is why AODD pumps are commonly used for a number of water and wastewater applications, including:

    • Chemical treatment
    • Pure water
    • Dewatering and solids treatment
    • Filter press
    • Remove sludge


    Extracting minerals and ores from deep underground is not easy. AODD pumps are ideal for dewatering mines, supplying water for washing plants and other equipment or disposing of mud. They can handle high flow rates and eliminate leaks thanks to their sealless design. They are also very light and portable, making them great for moving from one mining site to another with little effort.

    Food processing

    Some AODD pumps are designed to meet specific hygiene standards for food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are ideal for conveying liquids with suspended solids in them, such as canned fruits and vegetables, while avoiding over-mixing and shearing as the material runs through the pump system.

    Other extreme applications

    AODD pumps are found in many other industrial process applications, including painting, chemical processing, waste pollution management, acid transfer measurement, and more. They do not require electricity and are conveniently portable. Additionally, they can handle line-sized solids and will provide years of reliable, leak-free performance when properly maintained.

    Nomad is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pneumatically operated double diaphragm pumps. They produce a diverse line of AODD pumps, adaptable to different industries and applications, with construction materials ranging from stainless steel to polypropylene. In addition to its specialty pumping equipment, Nomad also manufactures elastic and non-elastomeric aftermarket parts that are adaptable to standard AODD pumping systems from other leading manufacturers.

    Benefits and advantages of BSK pneumatic diaphragm pump products

    • A positive displacement pump, using a combination of reciprocating diaphragms made of rubber, plastic or Teflon in a suitable manner.
    • The advantage of a diaphragm pump is that there is no need to return to check the valves and still pump the liquid directly.
    • Diaphragm pumps use an air stream from an air compressor to operate, making them safe in explosive environments.
    • Diaphragm pumps have perfect self-priming properties, transporting dilute and acidic slurries.
    • BSK pneumatic diaphragm pump is durable and can withstand high pressure according to the operating capacity of a sludge dewatering machine.
    • Plate sludge dewatering machines are in some cases installed outdoors, so the pump is required to have high corrosion resistance.
    • The surface of BSK pump is hard anodized and die cast, good anti-corrosion properties and high durability.
    • Provided with flange connections that are high pressure resistant, leak proof and low noise and vibration; Its air valve is characterized by super resistance to fouling and no dead spots.
    • The modular design of the BSK air motor facilitates easy disassembly and routine maintenance.

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