1665 – 4T FRP filter tank

    Brand: Chihon
    Origin: China


    • Model: 1665 – 4T Chihon
    • Dimension: D400xH1670 (mm)
    • Volume: 179L
    • Base connector: Top 4″ female thread
    • Flowrate: 3.2-4.5 m3/h
    • Max operation pressure: 150PSI (10bar)
    • Material: PE+FRP
    • Color: Natural yellow white, blue, grey
    • Applications: multistage pressure filtration, coal, sand, gravel and softening
    • Filter strainer include: FU6260 distributor for topmount using valve installed on the tank mouth
    • Origin: Chihon – China
    • Bonus: FY-1 vacuum breaker pressure valve to protect the filter tank
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    1665 – 4T FRP filter tank

    Features, technical specifications, cutting drawings of 1665 – 4T FRP filter tank:

    1665 - 4T drawing

    What is FRP filter tank?

    Composite filter tank is a filtration product containing filter materials such as: cation resin, manganese sand, filter gravel, Birm media, activated carbon, etc. used for medium and large sized water filtration systems. Composite tanks are pressure resistant, corrosion resistant and highly durable. Furthermore, the product has the ability to insulate and insulate electricity, and costs little to maintain. Therefore, composite filter tanks are commonly used in daily life.
    Composites are synthesized from two or more materials, creating new materials with superior properties than the original materials. The structure of the composite water filter tank includes:
    Composite filter tanks in water treatment systems are manufactured using wrapping technology, intertwining layers (core and base material), forming a cylindrical shape. The composite filter tank is made of polymer resin made from plant resin and glass fiber from sea sand, so it is not toxic during use like other types of filter tank. The composite filter tank has been recognized by the FDA as safe for humans and is suitable for transmitting clean water in daily life.

    Advantage of FRP filter tank

    • Corrosion resistant, pressure resistant and highly durable.
    • Has good heat resistance.
    • Does not rust because the structure does not use metal.
    • Has the ability to insulate and insulate electricity because plastic does not conduct electricity and transmits heat poorly.
    • Low maintenance costs: Composite filter tanks do not rust in all chemicals, and are not subject to abrasion in nature or during use. Furthermore, the surface is smooth and does not adhere to dirt and microorganisms, so maintenance costs are low.
    • The weight of the product is light, only ¼ the weight of a metal pipe, compact, easy to transport and install anywhere such as: bathroom, basement, terrace,…
    • The inside and outside of the composite filter column are coated with a layer of polyester, which prevents osmosis, corrosion and penetration of natural substances. Therefore, composite filter tanks are used to treat water sources that are brackish, saline, highly acidic, etc.

    Application of FRP filter tank

    Is a raw filter in a saltwater and brackish water filtration system

    Composite tank are indispensable in today’s saltwater and brackish water filtration systems. Why not use plastic or stainless steel filter columns in salt water and brackish water filtration systems? Because stainless steel filter tank cannot withstand brackish or salt water even though they can withstand pressure quite well. Plastic filter tank can withstand salt water and brackish water but have poor pressure resistance. Composite filter tank possess the advantages of plastic filter tank and stainless steel filter tank. Therefore, composite filter tank are a perfect and indispensable choice in today’s saltwater and brackish water filtration systems.
    Composite water filter tanks combined with other water filtration equipment such as: UV lamps, RO membranes, cartridge filters, etc. create a system to filter salt water and brackish water into fresh water, solving the current demand for fresh water.

    Make anti-corrosion chemical tanks

    Composite water filters tank are the ideal choice for storing salt, acids, alkalis and other chemicals. Furthermore, the product can adapt to temperatures well and resist corrosion, so it has high durability and longevity. Anti-corrosion chemical tanks with composite water filter tank are well insulated, have low thermal conductivity and are impact resistant. At the same time, the product’s weight is light, easy to transport, install, maintain, repair and the price is low, saving investment costs.

    Build a total water filtration system for domestic use

    Composite filter tanks are used to make household and industrial water filtration systems for medium and large sized companies and enterprises. Composite water filter tanks use 3-way and 5-way valve systems (manual or automatic), so they are extremely flexible when periodically flushing and scooping. In addition, composite water filter tanks are also used as upstream coarse filters for tap water because of their ability to withstand high pressure.
    Composite tank have many different models and sizes so they are used for factories, large companies in industry or shrimp ponds. Furthermore, the product’s valve system is also integrated in many forms such as: mechanical valve, automatic valve, suitable for projects requiring high automation.

    Refer to the 1665 – 4T FRP filter tank distributed by Song Phung Environmental Company

    Currently, on the market there are many companies distributing genuine 1665 – 4T composite filter tanks at good prices. Among them, Song Phung Environmental Company is chosen by many customers and highly appreciated for the quality of its products and services. Established in 2012, the company specializes in importing and distributing genuine products related to water, environmental and gas treatment systems. At the same time, the company also provides comprehensive system solutions from design to installation, operation and technology transfer. To date, the company has become a reputable brand with more than 5,000 cooperative customers and 4,000 projects deployed in business fields.

    Composite filter tank 1665 – 4T is a small filter tank, used for households and wastewater treatment works. Water filtered through this column can be used directly for cooking. At the same time, composite 1665 – 4T tank is made from super durable composite material, is not corroded by chemicals, does not rust when used for a long time like stainless steel filter column (stainless steel 201) and does not affect human health. Furthermore, the product has good heat resistance, compact shape, glossy composite exterior, and is easy to clean.

    Bồn lọc composite 1665 - 2.5T
    Checking FRP filter tank 1665 – 4T before delivery to customers

    Through the above article, you know the advantages and applications of composite filter tanks. If you want to buy a quality 1665 – 4T composite tank at a good price to filter water in your home or factories, Song Phung Environmental Company will be the perfect choice. Contact the hotline now for quick advice and support!

    Bồn lọc composite 1665 - 2.5T
    Checking FRP filter tank 1665 – 4T before delivery to customers

    Free accessories included with the 1665 – 4T filter tank:

    Filter media calculator

    Calculate filter media for filter tank (Purpose: calculate filter media, select filter media, calculate height of filter material in filter tank, select filter capacity for filter tank, select appropriate filter tank)

    Enter filter tank diameter (mm):
    FRP filter tank model:

    Average filter flow (for filter speed - 15m3/m2.h): m3/h

    Filter media

    Total height of filter media: mm

    Media type Filter media height Unit Results Unit
    Filter gravel mm kg
    Filter sand mm kg
    Glass sand mm kg
    Anthracite coal mm kg
    Activated carbon mm kg
    Birm for removed iron mm kg
    ODM for removed iron mm L
    Softener resin mm L

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