EV0163 vacuum breaker valve

    Brand: Chihon


    • Model: EV0610
    • Material: PP
    • Dimension: D112mm, H251.5mm
    • Connection: fi60, 2″M
    • Application: protect tanks, pipes and other equipment from the suction of negative pressure
    • Origin: Chihon – China
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    EV0163 vacuum breaker valve

    Description of EV-0163 vacuum breaker valve

    ARCK various types of air valves are used to solve the problem of air pressure inside the pipes of water supply systems and filtration systems. They adopt advanced aerodynamic design to ensure low pressure sealing, and large flow of exhaust and intake. There are three types of air valves to choose from: vacuum breaker, kinetic air valve, and combined air valve.

    The English name is Vacuum breaker valve or anti-negative pressure valve is a valve that helps balance vacuum pressure in pipes, tanks, filter tanks, and closed water supply systems.

    When the water pressure in the closed system is positive, the negative pressure valve will close, forming a closed system with complete positive pressure, but when the system is stopped or the water demand is higher than the pump supply system, the phenomenon will occur. Negative pressure will take place inside. Then the anti-negative pressure valve will open to let air flow in to balance the vacuum pressure in the system. This helps to balance the pressure in the pipeline system, tanks, filter tanks and the closed water supply system is safely protected.

    Features, technical specifications, cutting drawings of EV0163 vacuum breaker valve:

    Van chống áp âm EV0613

    Operating principle of EV0163 anti-negative pressure valve product

    Van chống áp âm EV0613
    Structure of EV0613 – Dn50
    • System filling – During filling water into the pipeline, mass of air will be evacuate from kinetic air intake & exhaust hole. The floating ball moves upwards to close the orifice after water flows into the champer. With aerodynamic design and the anti-blow design, the floating ball ensure ontime shutting of outlet while the high speed airflow occurs.
    • Pressurized Operation – The kinetic valves keeps closed under pressure from water.
    • System draining – When the system or pipe is drained empty, negative pressure forms in the kinetic valve. Meanwhile the float move down to take in air against vacuum formation.
    • The vacuum pressure relief valve operates similar to a one-way valve, allowing air to flow from the outside into the gas, water system with negative pressure appearing from the inside, but not allowing air or liquid to flow in the opposite direction from the inside out.

    Van chống áp âm FY-1

    Application of EV0613 vacuum breaker valve:

    • The negative pressure anti-valve should be installed at the highest point of the system, in some cases it can be installed below where there is the highest risk of negative pressure occurring.
    • Used to protect plants and equipment that cannot withstand vacuum pressure such as: heaters, saturated steam pipes, air pipes, cooking pots, presses, condensate tanks, misting systems, any equipment which way we don’t want vacuum pressure to exist.

    Benefits and advantages of EV0613 vacuum breaker valve:

    • Advanced aerodynamic design;
    • Big inlet size allowing massive air flow;
    • One- piece floating ball design ensure ontime shutting of outlet while the high speed airflow occurs;
    • Quality sealing – prevents leakage under low pressure conditions (0.1 bar/1.5 psi);
    • PP material with corrosion, acid, alkaliane resistant features to be long lasting;
    • Multi-installation size for various market demands;

    Product is waiting for user manual to be updated
    Please contact the technical department for support and instructions for use:

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    Mr. Lực – 0919569221

    Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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