Instructions for using the calculation utility for water softener

When you choose to buy a water softener filter and install it by yourself, or you need to design a water softener system for your home, you need to choose what type of softening material and how much quantity. How should it be calculated? How much salt needs to be regenerated? How often do you have to regenerate the system?… All will be answered through the softening column calculation utility below

What is hard water?

Hard water is water with a high content of dissolved minerals (in contrast to soft water, which has a low content of dissolved minerals). Hard water has high concentrations of calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ions. Hardness in water is defined as the concentration of multivalent cations. Multivalent cations are cations (metal ions) with a charge greater than 1+, mainly 2+. These cations include Ca2+ and Mg2+.

Instructions for using the water softener tank calculation utility with images

Calculation utility interface:


Choose one case below for start to calculate

Ca2+ hardness mg/l
Mg2+ hardness mg/l
Or enter total hardness mg/l CaCO 3
Enter softener flowrate m 3/h
Enter total hours running in a cycle
(Filter cycle time)
Height of filter media resin
(From 600mm to 2600mm, normally from 800mm to 1500mm)


Water indicator Water indicator
Total hardness: mg/l CaCO 3
Total soft water produce m 3/Cycle
Total hardness removed Kg Grains/cycle
The volume of Ion exchange resin needed L
Filter diameter tank recommended m
Filtration velocity m 3/m 2.h
Recommended Brine Tank Size L
Salt need for regeneration in one cycle Kg

Enter the input value

Softener calculator-2
Softener calculator

Step 1: Choose 1 of 2 input methods: 1 is to enter each Calcium and Maggie hardness, 2 is to enter the total hardness. According to the above image, for example, choose how to enter Calcium and Maggie hardness (then the total hardness input box will automatically lock).

Step 2: Enter the system flow rate that needs to soften water, for example, choose 2m3/h

Step 3: Enter the operating cycle or number of operating hours in a cycle, for example, select 48 consecutive hours

Step 4: Enter the height of the ion resin layer, usually choose from 1000-2000mm depending on the filter tank height. For example, choose 1300mm

Then the result will be as follows:

Softener calculator-3
Softener calculator

If you have questions about how the utility of water softening system works, please contact our Company’s Sales department for more detailed instructions.

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