Useful instructions for calculating RO membrane cleaning chemicals

When you own or operate a RO system that is running great, but suddenly one day the output water quality is not guaranteed and the flow of finished products also decreases. When that happens, you need to clean the membrane with chemicals to restore the membrane’s desalination ability, a process called CIP (Clean In Place). So what are the steps to prepare chemicals, prepare tanks, and prepare solutions? All will be answered through the following utility.

Our RO membrane cleaning chemical calculator will help you solve those problems easily

Popular type of RO membrane

The most common are 4inch 4040 RO membranes and 8inch 8040 RO membranes, which are frequently used in civil and industrial applications and require CIP to restore desalination ability because the cost of change a new one is very expensive.

Instructions for using the utility to calculate RO membrane cleaning chemicals with images

Utility interface:


Enter model of RO membrane (4040 or 8040)
Enter the amount of RO membrane that needs CIP Pcs


Water volume for 1 RO membrane 0 L
Water volume for total RO membranes 0 Kg
Estimate the volume of water required in the pipeline (About 25%) 0 L
Required volume of water remaining in CIP tank when recirculating 0 L
Total clean water need to fill in the CIP tank 0 L
Total CIP chemical needed 0 Kg

Enter the input value

Step 1: Enter the type of RO membrane you are using: there are 2 popular types: 4040 and 8040. For example, choose RO membrane 4040

Step 2: Select the number of RO membranes that need CIP. For example, choose a quantity of 4 membranes

Once done, just look at the following results table:

CIP RO membrane-1
CIP RO membrane

You need to prepare 60 Liters of water for this CIP process and the amount of chemicals needed to be mixed is 0.6kg.

If you have questions about CIP chemicals, please contact our Company’s Sales department for more detailed instructions.

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