Booster pumps are an indispensable device in every family, especially those who live in places with weak water sources or high-rise buildings. To choose a booster pump suitable for your family, you must definitely read this article.

What causes low water pressure?

1. Gravity

Water is subjected to gravity as it moves upwards. When water has to flow from high to low, the pressure will decrease. If water moves up several floors, gravity will exert a force pushing it down immediately.

2. Distance from water source

The distance from the water source to the house and the size of the pipes will affect the water pressure at the end point of use. If your home is located at the end of a water supply line, water flow and pressure may be slow when it reaches your home. And if the water pipe is too small, it also means that a small amount of water will run through the equipment.

3. Low city water pressure

Sometimes low water pressure has nothing to do with your home’s plumbing. Just like domestic water supplies, municipal water supplies also suffer from problems that can cause low water pressure such as leaks and corrosion.

4. Clogged water pipes

Water pipes are blocked, equipment in pipes such as one-way valves, faucets are blocked due to dirt accumulated for a long time. This cause is often encountered in families using well water, not using upstream filters; Even houses that use local water can also experience this phenomenon if they do not clean the water tank and water tank regularly.

nghẹt ống dẫn nước
Leakage water pipe

5. Leaky water system

Leaking pipes can reduce water flow and water pressure. To determine if a water pipe is leaking, turn off all faucets inside and outside the home. About an hour later, check the water meter, if the number on the meter increases, it means water is leaking.

Leakage water pipe

How to increase water pressure?

The best method to increase water pressure is to find the right cause. If possible, troubleshoot plumbing problems such as replacing damaged pipes, fixing leaks or repairing faulty pressure regulators. If the plumbing system is working well but you are not satisfied with the water pressure, use a booster pump to solve the problem.

What is a booster pump?

The booster pump increases the pressure and volume of water coming out of the faucet. Thanks to that, the problems of slow, weak, and dripping water can all be solved quickly. When the user opens the faucet, the pump will automatically turn on and create more pressure to push the water flow stronger to meet the user’s wishes. And when the user closes the faucet, the pump automatically turns off.

The rotating impeller of the pump increases the pressure, drawing water in and then pushing it out with increasing force. Booster pumps are usually installed where the main water line enters the house.

Where are booster pumps used?

Booster pumps increase low water flow in water systems or industrial equipment and transport water from lakes, ponds, or tanks for use in homes or commercial buildings. A household that is not getting enough pressure from the city water supply will need a pump to boost low water pressure. A hotel needs a large commercial booster pump to bring water all the way to the top floor.

Booster pumps are also used to re-pressurize water from a storage tank and deliver it to faucets or throughout the home. For example, in a rainwater harvesting system, water is stored in a storage tank; To use water for cleaning or washing, it must be pumped from the storage tank and into the house. You will use a booster pump to move the water.

The booster pump is commonly used in homes

There are many types of booster pumps on the market today. Song Phung would like to introduce to you two pump brands that are appreciated by consumers for good quality and durability.

BW8-4 pump 5-6m3h
Shimge booster pump

Shimge pump originated in China, is a famous and long-standing brand. With a compact design, easy to move, the machine can be installed anywhere. The highlight of the Shimge pump is the built-in relay that automatically cuts off the power when the temperature is overloaded to ensure the safety of the user.

Due to the multi-stage structure, Shimge pumps with high pressure are widely used in many fields for water systems, fire protection, irrigation works, manufacturing plants, pressure support systems with high pressure. In addition, Shimge pumps are also widely used in agriculture, providing water for farms, fruit trees and crops.

Above are the causes as well as how to fix weak water flow and pump lines suitable for all families. Hope you can soon solve the situation of weak water to serve the needs of daily life and production and business activities.

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