Staryeast Nutrients

    Brand: SongPhung


    • Powder form, bright yellow
    • Packed 25 kg/bag
    • Dosage ratio 1:1 with probiotics
    • Clean water used for mixing does not contain antibacterial ingredients such as chlorine, ozone, etc.
    • Uses: supplementing vitamins, trace minerals, extracellular enzymes… helps bacteria metabolize organic substances in wastewater quickly.
    • Unit price applies to 1kg
    • Origin: India
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    Staryeast Nutrients

    Product information

    Staryeast nutrients are products imported from India
    Effectively supports the probiotic culture process, maintaining treatment performance for biological wastewater treatment systems


    Mixture of minerals, fiber, vitamins and multi-trace minerals.

    Uses of Staryeast nutrients

    • Add enzymes to decompose organic matter
    • Supplement vitamins and trace minerals for microorganisms
    • Supports the process of multiplying biomass of microorganisms, improving the compressibility of activated sludge
    • Can be used in both aerobic and anaerobic environmental conditions.

    Instructions for using Staryeast nutrients

    • Dissolve with clean water, pour evenly onto aerobic biological tank
    • Dosage ratio 1:1 with probiotics Jumbo
    • Depending on input parameters and processing performance
    • Clean water used for mixing does not contain antibacterial ingredients such as chlorine, ozone, etc.
    • Contact a consultant for detailed instructions

    Preserving Staryeast nutrients

    Store in a dry, cool place, away from sunlight

    When to supplement Staryeast nutrients

    • When activated sludge has problems such as foaming, the color of activated sludge turns gray
    • When activated sludge settles slowly or is difficult to settle
    • When the SVI (Sludge Volume Index) is not in the best range.
    • When biogas production efficiency is poor in Biogas ponds and anaerobic tanks
    • Or wastewater with organic components that are difficult to decompose


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