Jumbo A Probiotics

    Brand: SongPhung
    Origin: Vietnam


    • Powder form, light brown color
    • Operating in aerobic or facultative environments (Aerotanks, anoxic tanks, SBR, etc.)
    • Ingredients: Bacillus subtilis, Saccharomyces, Nitrosomonas spp, Nitrobacter spp
    • Microbial density: ≥ 107 CFU/g
    • pH: 6.5 – 8.5
    • Temperature: 25 – 40 oC
    • COD < 1000 mg/l
    • BOD/COD > 0.6
    • Dissolved oxygen DO > 2.0 mg/l
    • Packed 05 kg/bag or 25 kg/bag
    • Origin: Dien Giang – Vietnam
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    Jumbo A Probiotics

    Product information


    • Bacillus subtilis
    • Saccharomyces
    • Nitrosomonas spp
    • Nitrobacter spp
    • Catalytic enzymes

    Operating conditions

    • pH: 6.5 – 8.5
    • Temperature: 25 – 40 oC
    • COD < 1000 mg/l
    • BOD/COD > 0.6
    • Dissolved oxygen DO > 2.0 mg/l
    • Aerobic environment

    Introducing Jumbo probiotics:

    • Probiotics are a powder (or liquid) mixture including strains of bacteria, fungi and enzymes, capable of strong activity in environments containing organic matter such as wastewater and waste. Aerobic probiotics will create a new activated sludge layer or supplement the old activated sludge layer of the microbial tank, increasing the ability to handle pollutant compounds in wastewater.
    • Jumbo probiotics (origin: Vietnam) is a mixture of beneficial bacteria strains such as bacillus,  lactobacillus,  sacharomyces  fungi, aspergillus  and other  decomposing enzymes. Jumbo probiotics have the ability to solve common problems in wastewater treatment systems such as effluent that does not meet discharge standards, poorly functioning microflora, activated sludge that is difficult to settle, and water color. unsatisfactory, bad smell…

    Uses of Jumbo A probiotics:

    • Limit many sources of diseases in wastewater.
    • Treats odors from industrial wastewater, toilets, sewer water, and polluted pond water.
    • Clean algae and scum in ponds, lakes, lagoons and lagoons.
    • Inhibits the activity of harmful bacteria that exist in water.
    • Helps convert organic wastewater into water for plants with high nutrient content.
    • Used to decompose waste in toilets or wastewater systems, minimizing costs when renting a suction truck.
    • Inoculating new microflora: probiotics are introduced into the start-up phase of the wastewater treatment system to create an activated sludge layer (aerobic sludge and anaerobic sludge) specific to each type of wastewater.
    • Renovation and addition: for systems that have been operating due to many different reasons (such as not operating for a long time or the air blowing system and pump have problems) leading to wastewater output that does not meet the requirements . Therefore, the system needs to be supplemented with microorganisms to enhance the ability to treat wastewater in biological tanks.
    • Handling suspended residue, color, and difficult-to-decompose organic substances
    • Improve poor settling condition in settling tanks: probiotics create activated sludge system with high density, so sludge settling ability will be better
    • Handling fat and grease: with the lipase enzyme found in probiotics, this fat is hydrolyzed into simple organic compounds that bacteria can consume.
    • Biological pond: reduces BOD, COD, NH3, H2S and odor in biological pond

    Refer to the dosage of Jumbo A probiotics based on practical operating experience in some basic industries:

    Domestic wastewater0.2 - 1.00.05 Wastewater contains high Ammonium
    Food wastewater0.5 - 1.00.1 - 0.5High concentrations of COD and BOD easily cause shock loading, foaming, scum and floating sludge
    Livestock wastewater0.5 - 1.50.1 - 0.4High concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus
    Industrial wastewater, ingredients containing chemicals0.2 - 1.00.1 - 0.5Ingredients contain chemicals that inhibit the ability of bacteria to grow, reducing bacterial density in activated sludge
    Other wastewater0.2 - 0.5
    • Initially, it takes bacteria some time to create biomass (activated sludge). Therefore, we recommend that during the initial starter culture process, you should use a combination of probiotics and activated sludge from available systems to reduce culture time and achieve the highest efficiency and savings. volume of microorganisms used.
    • Periodic supplement dosage can be changed depending on the condition of the activated sludge, increasing/decreasing the dosage to achieve optimal cost effectiveness.

    Advantages of Jumbo A probiotics

    • Powder form: easy to move and preserve
    • High microbial density: high total amount of beneficial microorganisms (> 1010 CFU/g and CFU/ml )
    • Adaptability: high adaptability to most types of wastewater
    • Diverse ingredients: full set of beneficial microorganisms to treat wastewater pollution
    • Purity: creates generations of F.1 bacteria and this bacterial system exists for a long time
    Men vi sinh Jumbo A
    Steps to use Jumbo probiotics and nutrients in the wastewater treatment system

    General instructions for use for other types of wastewater

    Jumbo-A probiotics: dissolve 1 kg of probiotics with 5 liters of water then pour evenly onto the microbial surface and bio-lake in batches (as in the detailed instructions for use attached above):

    • Dissolve with clean water, pour into anaerobic biological tank
    • Dosage to start the system: 01 kg for 05 m3 tank volume
    • Additional dosage to maintain system performance: 01 kg for 30 m3 tank volume.
    • Depending on input parameters and processing performance


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