Hydrogen Water Generator LSH-333 – Lanshan

Brand: Lanshan
Origin: Taiwan


  • Model: LSH-333
  • Filter capacity: 1.5L/Min
  • Pressure 30-70PSI
  • Temperature: 5-45oC
  • Power consumption: 27W
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Dimensions: H390mm*L410mm*W150mm
  • 3-stage filter: PP-HF-CTO
  • Faucet type: Rotary knob
  • Automatically detect leaks
  • Automatically notify when it’s time to change the filter
  • Electrode life: 20,000L
  • Hydrophobic Concentration: >1000ppb
  • ORP(-) value: (-)400~(-)600mV
  • Applicable to input water that is local water with TDS <200ppm
  • Manufacturer: Lanshan
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Hydrogen Water Generator LSH-333 – Lanshan

Features, technical specifications, cutting drawings of Hydrogen Water Generator LSH-333 – Lanshan:

LSH-333-photo of other side

What is hydrogen water?

Before learning what hydrogen is, you need to clearly understand the concept of “what is hydrogen water?”. Hydrogen water, also known as hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water, water (H2O) contains dissolved hydrogen (H2).

Hydrogen water is water made through some method of adding hydrogen gas into it. Similar to carbonated water containing dissolved carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxygenated water containing dissolved oxygen (O2), hydrogen water contains dissolved hydrogen gas (H2).

Hydrogen water usually has no color or odor, the pH of pure water is 7. Hydrogen water contains alkaline ions usually 8 – 8.5, within the allowable threshold of 6.5 – 8.5 of the Ministry of Health, so Water is usually recommended to be used after it has just been poured because hydrogen is a very volatile gas. Hydrogen alkaline ionized water can still be boiled, because it has the same properties as normal filtered water.

Hydrogen water is water containing dissolved hydrogen gas

The benefits of hydrogen water

Is hydrogen water good? What health benefits does it bring? With the strong antioxidant properties of hydrogen, many experts believe that alkaline ionized hydrogen is good for health. When used, it helps eliminate excess acid and harmful agents in the body.

  • For groups of people who regularly exercise at high intensity such as athletes, exercisers, and high-intensity sports, using hydrogen alkaline ionized water will be more beneficial because it helps balance the body’s pH.
  • Many patients with digestive problems such as stomach pain and heartburn are also advised to use alkaline hydrogen ionized water to neutralize acidity and help improve symptoms.
  • Hydrogen alkaline ionized water can neutralize aging agents, accelerate mineral absorption and effectively rehydrate.
  • This type of water can also be used to clean food and take care of beauty thanks to its ability to quickly penetrate the skin.

According to a study by the Department of Medical Research at the cellular level published in 2009, hydrogen in alkaline water helps slow down the aging process. In addition, Dr. Hayashi Hidemitsu – Director of the Japan Water Institute also affirmed: “Hydrogen-rich water has the ability to help improve diabetes, lung disease, gout, high blood pressure, and some diseases.” caused by aging and oxidation in the body. With the above benefits, hydrogen alkaline ionized water is very commonly used today.

Hydrogen water brings many benefits to humans

Advantages of Hydrogen Water Generator LSH-333 – Lanshan

Our LSH-333A is a kitchen countertop hydrogen water generator with a range of advanced features:

  • 24-Hour Water Quality Detection: Continuous monitoring ensures access to clean and pure hydrogen water.
  • Auto Notice Filter Replacing: Smart notifications for timely filter replacements, maintaining optimal performance.
  • Electrode Module Protection: The built-in mechanism extends the module’s lifespan, ensuring consistent hydrogen water production.
  • LED Light Dispensing: Convenient LED illumination signals when dispensing hydrogen water, adding a touch of style. (If don’t show LED Light, it means it is not hydrogen water now).Customers can know what kind of water they are drinking now
  • Leaking Detector: Enhanced safety with a built-in leaking detector for potential water leakage issues.
  • Knob switch faucet: User-friendly water dispensing with an adjustable flow, eliminating the need for additional installations.Experience the health benefits of hydrogen water with added convenience and safety features.

*If your TDS value from your source water is higher than 200ppm, please install RO system before the machine*


How often do I need to change the filter?

Don’t worry, the machine has a change filter reminder function, when the time is up the machine will remind you to change the filter automatically

LSH-333- Step to change filter cartridge easy
LSH-333- install at kitchen

Product is waiting for user manual to be updated
Please contact the technical department for support and instructions for use:

Mr. Huy – 0913274433

Mr. Lực – 0919569221

Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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