Headon pump HF-8367 for RO 50GPD

    Brand: Headon
    Origin: Taiwan


    • Model: HF-8367
    • Pump design: positive displacement three-chamber diaphragm pump
    • Motor: permanent magnet
    • Flow 1.2L/P
    • Maximum pressure: 125PSI = 8bar
    • Voltage: 24VDC
    • Liquid temperature: Maximum 60 degrees Celsius (140 oF).
    • Self-priming ability up to 2 meters
    • Can run dry without water
    • Connection port: 3/8″-18 NPT internal thread
    • Weight 1.85 kg (plastic base) 1.93 kg (iron base)
    • Working cycle: continuous
    • Application: booster pump for RO and water supply for misting systems
    • Supply: not included Adaptor and pipe
    • Origin: Headon

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    Headon pump HF-8367 for RO 50GPD

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Thong so bom Headon HF-8367
    Specification of Headon HF-8367

    Description of RO Headon model HF-8367

    • (1) PUMP DESIGN: Three chamber diaphragm pump
    • (2) MOTOR: Permanent magnet
    • (3) PRESSURE SWITCH: None
    • (4) DUTY CYCLE: Continuous
    • (5) PORTS: 3/8″-18 NPT female
    • (6) Pressure control: None ( Reflux adjustable type also available)
    • (7) Runs dry without damage
    • (8) VOLTAGE: 24VDC / 24VAC
    • (9) Self-priming
    • (10) NSF/FDA compliant also availably
    PRESSURE (psi)FLOW (L/min)CURRENT (amps)
    Open flow1.20.21
    10 1.090.26
    20 1.01 0.30
    30 0.95 0.36
    50 0.86 0.49
    60 0.810.54
    80 0.580.65
    90 0.350.70
    100 0.170.75
    125 BY PASS 0.85

    Introduction about Headon pump

    Founded in 1992, HEADON is a professional manufacturer of precision booster pumps & delivery pumps. Our factory is certificated with ISO 9001. NSF series products are certificated with NSF/ANSI 58 standard. Our products have been well sold all over the countries and areas in Asia, Middle East, Europe and U.S.A.

    Bom Headon 24VDC-7
    Bom Headon 24VDC-pump head

    Application of RO Headon pump:

    Our products have been extensively used within many different industries which are including: Water Purification/ Beverage/ Food service, Recreation Vehicle/ Marine and Agriculture.

    Recently, Headon pumps in Vietnam are widely used in misting systems to cool and water orchids and some other plants.

    Bom HF-8367
    Bom HF-8367

    Low and high pressure 50GPD RO membrane products suitable for the pump you choose are for reference

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    Mr. Huy – 0913274433

    Mr. Lực – 0919569221

    Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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