Ballast 11W – 55W

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    Ballast 11W – 55W

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Ballast 11W-55W

    Introduction of UV Ballast

    Ballast is also known as ballast, or lamp ballast. The ballast converts the input voltage to the 400 ~ 1,000 volts required to light the lamp. Once the lamp lights up and achieves an arc, the ballast limits the voltage to a lower working voltage to keep the lamp lit, while also regulating the lamp’s power consumption.
    A ballast is required with the UV lamp set, due to the structure of the lamp, they have negative resistance between the two electrodes. In addition, a large voltage difference between the electrodes is required to light up the lamp. Without a ballast, the current through the lamp will increase rapidly until it turns off due to high voltage and negative resistance. The voltage drop when the light glows is about 300V. This voltage can be up to several thousand volts, depending on the assembly, making the operating voltage of the lamp quite low. In general, the overall current of the ballast/lamp system is relatively low.

    Application of UV Ballast

    UV lamps have become increasingly popular over the years. UV-C germicidal technology has been proven to be very effective in the HVAC industry in filtering air and water. In more commercial facilities with more foot traffic, surface and air disinfection is also a very important focus. New products using germicidal ballasts are being developed every day.
    UV-C light is also used in the generation of ozone, which is used to purify air and water. When ozone is created by a UV-C lamp, the ozone and light work in tandem to kill harmful pathogens.
    Another area where you will see UV light ballasts being used is in industrial pipeline leak detectors. Ballasts can also be used in various UV curing and printing applications.
    As a result of COVID-19 and other harmful viruses, UV-C technology has become necessary in many industrial, residential, commercial and healthcare environments. This has only increased demand and sales for UV-C sanitizing systems.

    Ballast’s operating principle

    In germicidal ballast there is a combination of resistors, capacitors, inductors and other printed circuit board level components that determine the overall output characteristics of the ballast. The ballast converts a sinusoidal AC input, approximately 50-60 Hz, and regulates it to a 20-80 kHz square pulse or sine wave output. This eliminates the initial flicker associated with gas-filled lamps.


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