Automatic chemical dosing system – CDS-1

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    Origin: Vietnam


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    Automatic chemical dosing system – CDS-1

    The chemical dosing system is a complete set of equipment with the functions of dosing, mixing, liquid transportation and automatic controller. It is also called automatic chemical filling system or automatic chemical dosing system.

    How does a chemical dosing system work?

    The chemical dosing system is designed to automatically pump chemicals into the chemical supply tank, into the pipeline, and into the treatment tank to treat clean water and wastewater. During the dosing process, chemicals are added to the water stream at a precisely controlled rate using a chemical dosing pump.

    The chemical doing system is automatically set to run the pump either according to the water level float or according to the controller signal of the signal output controllers,…..

    What are the types of applications for automatic chemical filling systems?

    • It is used for power plant raw water, boiler feed water, oilfield ground collection and dewatering treatment systems, petrochemical dosing systems and wastewater treatment systems.
    • Our chemical feed systems are prefabricated solutions that can be used effectively in a variety of industries and municipal water treatment processes.
    • Water treatment applications include disinfection (peroxyacetic acid – PAA injection), fluoride treatment, sodium bisulfite dosing, sulfuric acid dosing, sodium hypochlorite systems, dispersed polymer dosing, sodium hydroxide dosing, drug dosing purple, coagulation and flocculation, hydrochloric acid dosing, alum level, pH neutralization and addition of scale inhibitors.
    • Applications for municipal water: disinfection systems, sodium hypochlorite, pH adjustment, fluoride addition
    • Applications for municipal wastewater: smoke scrubbers, general odor control, pH adjustment, residual disinfectant management, drug disinfection
    • Food and beverage: on-site cleaning, offline cleaning, disinfectant water treatment
    • Agencies – factories: cooling tower waste treatment, boiler water treatment, closed systems
    • Other applications: swimming pools and water parks, mining and agriculture, utilities and dairy industries, pulp and paper, oil and gas operations, crude oil processing

    What are the chemicals commonly used to fill the system?

    Chemical dosing systems are used in water treatment applications that require mixing, storing and measuring precise amounts of chemicals. Adding the correct chemicals at optimal rates is critical to achieving efficient operation and achieving optimal long-term application performance.

    • Citric Acid: The most commonly used pH treatment method. Use quantitative chemical measurement of citric acid.
    • Add caustic soda to raise the pH of raw water to bring the solution to a neutral environment to facilitate flocculation reactions.
    • Chlorine: The most commonly used method of water disinfection. Very suitable for disinfecting drinking water. Chemical needling uses calcium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite.
    • Dechlorination: The most commonly used dechlorination method. Use sodium bisulfite for chemical balance.
    • Peroxyacetic Acid: PAA is an excellent disinfectant and disinfectant for water and industrial wastewater treatment. PAA can be pumped using a diaphragm or a peristaltic chemical pump. Peroxyacetic acid is an effective and safe alternative to chlorine. It is an oxidizing biocide that decomposes relatively quickly into non-toxic byproducts. Because it does not contain halogens (chlorine or bromine), PAA has no risk of forming THMs (trihalomethanes). In addition to its environmental advantages and ease of implementation, PAA is less dependent on pH, has a short contact time, and is effective on primary and secondary wastewater.
    • Add coagulant with aluminum alum, iron alum, PAC – Poly Aluminum Chloride,

    What are the standard components in an automatic chemical dosing system?

    The components used in chemical filling systems play a critical role in allowing operators to adjust flow, pressure and calibration for repeatable performance. We design and manufacture customizable chemical measurement systems.

    Chemical feed systems are typically supplied as complete, fully integrated units already mounted on frames, or the units can be purchased separately. The main components of such a system are:

    • PE or PVC plastic chemical tanks
    • Dosing pump
    • Control panel: In addition to on/off control, the control cabinet also has overload protection functions: temperature, flow, level and pressure sensors, siren, variable speed control and lights status.
    • Pipelines are labeled with chemical names and flow direction
    • Portable or wall-mounted mounting bracket
    • Automatic controller adjustment parts (optional)
    Chemical dosing system-12
    Chemical dosing system

    Why choose Song Phung?

    Our automatic chemical dosing systems offer a variety of component options, pump capacity options, chemical tank volumes, automatic controllers and piping arrangements needed for dosing solutions. your custom chemicals. Our system can be mounted on a mobile frame or wall mounted and is designed completely into a skid, you only need to connect pipes and power to use.

    • Diverse types of chemical dosing pumps from small to large capacity
    • Installation frame made of stainless steel, zinc or FRP coated steel
    • PPR, uPVC, PVC, stainless steel, CPVC, PE and PVDF heat welded piping options available
    • Optional automatic controllers for pH, TDS, ORP, residual concentration,…
    • Simple design, easy to maintain and operate
    • Integrated chemical exhaustion alarm and automatic system stop

    Offers, promotions, details of accompanying accessories (if any)

    • Song Phung is one of the prestigious and long-standing importers and distributors of equipment in automatic chemical filling systems in the Vietnamese market.
    • The price of the chemical filling system is distributed by Song Phung at the lowest price on the market
    • Products that make up the automatic chemical dosing system are always available in stock, with genuine replacement parts

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