8inch SS membrane housing clamp type – 300PSI

    Brand: Chihon
    Origin: China


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    8inch SS membrane housing clamp type – 300PSI

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Thong so vo mang RO 8040 inox
    Parameter of SS RO 8040

    What is SS membrane housing?

    The SS membrane housing is a pressure-resistant cylindrical device used to contain RO/UF/NF membrane components inside a water treatment system.

    General structure of the basic RO membrane shell with main water port:

    • Feed
    • Concentrate
    • Permeate

    Classification of SS membrane housing

    Classifying membrane housing based on the arrangement of water supply and discharge ports, divide RO housing into 2 types:

    • Side-port type: This type has the water inlet pipe and water discharge pipe located on the membrane housing body, and the clean water port is on the membrane bearing plate. The side-port type is rarely widely used, so it usually takes a lot of time to produce and import
    8inch SS housing-5
    8inch SS housing-side port
    • End-port type: This type has all the inlet port, discharge port and clean water port located on the membrane bearing plate. End-port type is the most common type on the market and is always available
    8inch SS housing-4
    8inch SS housing-end port and side port

    Classifying the membrane housing by production material, divide the membrane housing into 3 types: FRP membrane housing, stainless steel membrane housing and PVC membrane housing.

    Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages as shown in the following comparison table:

    TypeFRP membrane housingSS membrane housingPVC membrane housing
    Operating Pressure150 – 1200 psi≤ 800 psi≤ 200 psi
    Operating Temperature-10°C – 49°C0°C – 48°C2°C – 43°C
    Number of elements1 - 81 - 31 - 3
    Price and popularCheap and commonExpensive and commonCheap, not common

    Benefits and advantages of the 8inch SS RO housing product

    • SS RO housing are reliable and competitively priced
    • Designed for easy installation and maintenance
    • Applicable to a wide pressure range ranging from 300PSI to 800PSI
    • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel material options
    • Available in end-port or side-port configurations for easy membrane replacement
    • Backed by technical experts and guaranteed customer satisfaction through high quality
    • Supplied in industry standard sizes for direct connection to most popular membrane models up to 4 inches and 8 inches in diameter.
    • Stainless steel RO housing, SS cap, contains 1 or more RO filter membranes depending on the design and size of the housing.
    • Often used to contain RO or UF ultrafiltration membranes inside and protect the membranes from external factors.
    8inch SS housing-3
    8inch SS housing

    Offers, promotions, details of accompanying accessories (if any)

    • Song Phung is one of the reputable and long-standing importers and distributors of SS membrane housing in the Vietnamese market.
    • SS membrane housing are distributed by Song Phung at the lowest prices on the market
    • SS membrane housing products are guaranteed genuine by Song Phung, replacement parts are available

    Accessories included with the 8-inch SS membrane housing. If you purchase separate accessories, please refer to the following:

    Product is waiting for user manual to be updated
    Please contact the technical department for support and instructions for use:

    Mr. Huy – 0913274433

    Mr. Lực – 0919569221

    Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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