SS coupling DN200

    Brand: iGlobal
    Origin: China


    • SS coupling DN200
    • Material: SS 304
    • Size: 8″ – DN200
    • Max pressure: 350PSI (Option: 1000PSI)
    • Use: Used for connection UF membrane housing, watertight seal between 2 connectors
    • Supply includes DN200 gasket
    • Origin: iGlobal
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    SS coupling DN200

    What is SS coupling DN200?

    SS Coupling DN200 is a part installed into 2 grooved DN200 connectors, used to connect them together to seal water tight between 2 connectors.

    Coupling DN40

    8inch SS coupling-3
    8inch SS coupling

    How many SS coupling DN200 in each UF membrane housing?

    For the common UF membrane housing, there are 2pcs of DN200 coupling
    SS coupling DN65 DN200
    Install coupling DN200 for UF membrane


    8inch SS coupling-4
    8inch SS coupling-4


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