316 Stainless steel candle filter

    Brand: SongPhung
    Origin: Vietnam


    • Model: CF8-OD70
    • Flow: 0-150 M3/H
    • In/out pipe: DN100 JIS10K
    • Housing and lid material: SS316
    • Lid style: flange
    • Max test pressure: 10bar (150PSI)
    • Overall dimensions: H1233.1mm high, D350mm diameter
    • Leg type: 4 legs
    • Attached accessories: pressure gauge, blowdown valve
    • Application: Filtration in industries requiring high water quality
    • Origin: SongPhung
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    316 Stainless steel candle filter

    What is 316 Stainless steel candle filter

    Candle filters are named after their candle-like. These filter elements are typically tubular and made of stainless steel mesh or stainless steel sintered mesh with a cap on the bottom and a threaded connector on the top (or vice versa) that connects to the core end. The outer surface of some tubes is made of perforated metal sheet, expanded metal, sintered metal or porous ceramic to support the filter media.

    The candle filter is placed inside the filter housing (housing). It is a compact device that can typically hold 1-20 candles, depending on the size of the filter. The filter element is arranged vertically in the pressure vessel to filter liquids with low solid content. The candle filter allows high productivity, easy bottom sediment discharge.

    Bo loc nen-12
    Candle filter

    Operating principle of stainless steel candle filter

    Filter candles work by using a combination of physical and/or chemical processes to remove impurities or contaminants from liquids or gases. The exact mechanism depends on the type of filter media and the specific application. Here’s a general overview of how the Candles filter works:

    Filtration Mechanism: Filter candles use different filtration mechanisms to capture contaminants. These mechanisms include:

    • Filtration: Filter material has small pores that physically block larger particles from passing through.
    • Adsorption: Certain filter cartridges, such as activated carbon, can chemically bond and retain impurities on their surface.
    • Absorption: Some filter materials have a porous structure that can absorb contaminants into their structure, effectively removing them from liquids or gases.
    • Mechanical trapping: Irregular surfaces or fibers in the filter media can mechanically trap particles based on size or electrostatic attraction.
      Liquid/Gas Filtration: Liquid or gas containing impurities flows through the Filter Candle. The Candle filter element is placed inside the Candle filter, allowing liquids or gases to pass through while contaminants are retained.
    • Removal of Contaminants: When liquid or gas passes through the Filter Candle, impurities come into contact with the filter material. Depending on the filtration mechanism, contaminants are physically trapped, chemically adsorbed, or absorbed by the filter material.
    • Clean liquid/gas outlet: After the filter material captures impurities, the clean liquid or gas will continue to pass through the Candle and exit the filtration system outlet. The filtered liquid or gas is typically free of target contaminants, making it suitable for its intended purpose

    Maintenance and replacement: Over time, filter media can become saturated with contaminants or become clogged, reducing its effectiveness. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the Candle filter, is necessary to ensure continued filtration efficiency.

    It is important to note that the specific performance of a Filter Candle may vary depending on the design, type of filter media, and intended application. Manufacturers provide guidelines on maximum flow rate, lifespan and maintenance requirements for their specific Filter Candle to ensure optimal performance.

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    SS candle filter

    How to clean industrial filter cores?

    Industrial fine filters are widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, ink and paint, food and beverage, automobile manufacturing, cement industry, petroleum, oil refineries, petrochemical, etc. It is important to clean these filter cartridges to ensure that they filter consistently over a long period of time.

    Industrial filter cores provided by Song Phung have high dirt holding capacity, are easy to install, clean and maintain. The fine filter element is sturdy, has a solid quality core and has well-formed layers, so cleaning and installing them is very easy.

    Some filtration systems allow backwashing and have a CIP system design. But most have to be taken out of their shells, sterilized and washed. When not in use, these cleaned filter cartridges are dried and sealed or vacuumed to prevent contamination or wear.

    When do you need to replace the fine filter core?

    It’s important to know when to replace your filter cartridge. Fine filters may come with a general guideline suggesting the number of days it should operate – for example, once every 30 days or once every 45 days based on its ability to hold dirt. However, the number of days a filter lasts also depends on the contaminant concentration in the filtered liquid.

    When your pressure differential reaches the preset value – say 10psi, you know that the filter element is clogged and needs to be replaced. Determining the pressure difference is simple by looking at the pressure gauge installed before and after the fine filter.

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