Melt Blown Filter Cartridges are cylindrical filters made from the finest polymer fibers that are melted and collected through a rotating shaft. The polymer passes through a tubular path and is blown out through the opening and the polymer water vapor is pulled into the air to form the fiber. These fibers are collected on a rotating shaft to form a gradient structure and then pressed and sintered. This yarn blowing, spindle spinning and cartridge filter spinning process is tailor-made and the cartridges are spun in a controlled environment for the desired quality and variation. The fibers are rotated in such a way that they form a density gradient, higher at the core and sparse on the outside. The most common material used to manufacture melt blown filter cartridges is polypropylene. The very fine Melt Blown Filter Cartridge  can filter finer/very fine residues from the liquid.

PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridges are a type of depth filters capable of removing particles from the water and collecting dirt throughout the entire depth of the filter element.

What is Melt Blown Filter Cartridges? what does it work?

What is Melt Blown Filter Cartridges? what does it work?

Filtration in Melt Blown Filter Cartridge occurs “from the outside to the inside”, i.e. the filter liquid flows in from the outside through the filter core medium into the hollow center and is ejected from the outlet. Melt blown filters are available in porosities ranging from 1 micron to 50 micron..

Specification of Melt Blown Filter cartridges

The compact fine filters are very robust with a fixed pore structure. The process fluid moves through the medium in a straight line and can encounter up to eight obstacles in its path. The compact filter cartridges are widely used in applications involving water purification, RO pre-filtration, oil, mild corrosive liquid filtration, solvents and compatible gasses. Melt Blown Filter Cartridge core filters can filter at operating temperatures up to close to 80 degrees Celsius.

Features to look for in a good quality PP filter.

  • Good dirt holding capacity
  • High-quality materials that meet FDA standards
  • Ability to maintain low pressure drop operating conditions
  • Resistant to mildly corrosive liquids and chemicals
  • Graded density pore structure for true filtering
  • Fixed core structure
  • Economical and efficient

In which fields are PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge used?

  • Lọc nước sạch và nước thải
  • Lọc tiền xử lý trước cho thẩm thấu ngược RO
  • Lọc sơ bộ trong khử muối
  • Lọc sơ bộ cho hệ thống xử lý nước công nghiệp
  • Mạ kim loại
  • Lọc chất lỏng chụp ảnh
  • Ứng dụng lọc hóa học
  • Mực in dệt và các chất phủ đặc biệt
  • Các ứng dụng liên quan đến chất lỏng có độ nhớt cao
  • Các ứng dụng liên quan đến lọc axit và bazơ yếu, hóa chất và dung môi.
  • Purification of clean water and waste water
  • Pre-filtration for RO (reverse osmosis)
  • Prefilter in desalination
  • Pre-filter for industrial water treatment system
  • Metallic plating
  • Photographic liquid filter
  • Chemical filter application
  • Textile printing inks and specialty coatings
  • Applications involving high viscosity fluids
  • Applications involve filtration of weak acids and bases, chemicals and solvents.

How to ensure the life of the PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge?

A PP Melt Blown filter cartridge should be rotated along a gradient. What is the benefit of this density gradient? The gradient retains larger sediments at the surface and smaller/finer particles at the core, which ensures that the filter does not clog as often. Besides, as we discussed, the PP filter core has a fixed pore structure, which means that the gradient it forms remains the same shape and the filter slit does not expand or allow larger particles to pass through. thus ensuring filtration efficiency. As the filter slots keep their shape and don’t clog easily, that means they’re durable and efficient for a long time.

Why do some of the improved PP Melt Blown filter cartridges have slots?

Some of the improved PP Melt Blown filter cartridges designed for specific applications also have a groove construction. By adding grooves to the surface of the filter element (instead of a smooth surface), this improvement increases the surface area of the filter and its dirt holding capacity. The increased surface area results in a cleaner filter pressure drop and improved filter performance.

Why is it necessary to wash the PP filter cartridge before use?

Most good quality PP filter cartridges are pre-washed. The prewash removes all residual dirt, surfactants and foaming agents in the filter medium. When all these contaminants are washed off before using the filter, many problems such as the introduction of chemicals and foaming agents into the filtered water can be avoided.

Classification of PP filter cartridges 

Depending on the manufacturer, there are two main types of PP filter cartridges:

  • PP Melt Blown Sediment Filter Core
  • Slotted PP Sediment Filter Core

These filters are available in different sizes and you are free to make a custom order for your cartridge. The significant difference between the 2 types of filter cartridges is that there are grooves and no grooves on the core surface.

Melt Blown filter cartridges sorted by length include 4 main types: 10 inch, 20 inch, 30 inch and 40 inch

Advantages of PP melt Blown filter cartridges

  • It is very economical to use and it has a very long life. It means you won’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain the filters.
  • It does not release any fibers so it is suitable for use at relatively higher than normal temperatures.
  • You also choose from a variety of lengths and micrometer ratings ranging from 1 to 100 millimeters.
  • The PP Melt Blown Filter cartridges have a special material that allows very high flow rates. It will allow you to filter higher liquid capacity in a short time.
  • This design also allows the unit to have a very low pressure drop, making it more efficient in its functions.
  • It does not affect the smell, taste and color of the product you need to filter
  • It also has a very high dirt holding capacity making it a device of choice when handling at high capacity. It is also very effective in cleaning liquids with a lot of impurities such as dirt.
  • The pore structure does not allow debris to pass through resulting in a pure liquid at the end of the process.
  • It is also compatible with many chemicals. It means you can use it in various industrial applications to clean your chemicals.
  • The cleaning process has a controlled slit that results in the most consistent products. You do not experience performance at different levels when using this type of filter. It has a great form of control that keeps every step consistent and produces the best results.
  • It does not compress, dent even in situations where differential pressure is increasing (only true if your filter cartridge is a high quality core, most of the cheap PP cartridges on the market are dented when there is a change in pressure). large pressure difference).
  • It is easier and safer to dispose of PP filter cartridges through burning, handling or shredding.

Production technology of PP filter core (melt blown technology)

Melt blown technology is one of the techniques you can use to make PP Melt Blown Filter cartridges. This is the main process that manufacturers use to make melt blown polypropylene filter cartridges. This is a conventional method for making nanofibers and microfibers in which the molten polymer is extruded through tiny nozzles.

The polymer extrusion is caused by air blowing at a very high speed. Randomly deposited fibers form “nonwovens” that you can apply in:

  • Filtration: – Melt blown fibers are common and indispensable components for permeation of liquids as well as gaseous materials. The main applications are in water treatment, respirators. Air conditioning among others.
  • Absorbent: – Nonwovens can hold more liquids several times heavier than their own weight. The perfect example is polypropylene capable of recovering oil contaminants.
  • Garments: – They are the material of choice in garments even in extreme weather conditions mainly because of: Insulation properties, resistance to liquids, breathability
  • Hygiene products: – The effectiveness of highly absorbent melt-blown nonwovens commonly used in tampons, diapers and feminine hygiene products.
  • The materials that you will produce through melt blown technology are similar to other nonwovens.
  • Most manufacturers prefer to use this technology because: It’s a simple process; It’s very specific, especially in terms of productivity; This is a process that does not involve the use of solvents.

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