“Why does the water filter not produce water?”, “How to fix the water filter that does not produce water?” These are the questions that many people often ask when having problems with water filters. In this article, Song Phung Environmental Company will list 7 reasons why the water purifier does not produce water and guide you on how to repair the water purifier effectively.

Check the water filter to determine the cause

When you wonder why the water filter does not produce water, do not worry but calmly check the following most common causes of the water purifier not producing water:

  • Lack of power: Most current RO water filters use electricity to operate. Therefore, if the machine does not work, please check whether the plug is plugged in or firmly plugged in. Some water filters are equipped with LED lights, you can check if the LEDs show up.
  • Lack of water supply: If the valve is turned off then water will not be able to flow into the filter and the water purifier will also automatically shut down. Therefore, you need to check whether the water valve is turned off, or whether the other faucets in the house are turned off.
  • Determine whether the water filter does not produce waste water or filtered water: You check whether the water outlet of the water is wastewater or filtered water for appropriate treatment.
Kiểm tra máy lọc nước để xác định nguyên nhân
Check the water filter to determine the cause

Top 7 reasons why water filters do not produce water

The water filter does not produce water due to many reasons. However, the cause related to the RO cartridge element is the most common. Let’s find out with Song Phung Environmental Company 7 reasons why the water purifier does not produce water below!

Water filter does not produce pure water

No. Indication Reason How to fix
1 Pump problemsYou proceed to remove the faucet leading to the RO filter to check whether the water coming out is strong.

If the water rises 3cm, the pump works normally. If the water is weak and slow, the pump has a problem

It is possible that the pump has been used for a long time. Replace a new one
2 Pressure tank is out of compressed airYou lift the pressure tank and see that there is still water but the bottle does not come out of filtered water.


The tank is full of compressed air, so there is not enough force to push the water up to the faucet. Step 1: Lock the water source and unplug the power.Step 2: Remove the pressure tank for easy repair.

Step 3: Remove the screws on the side of the pressure tank.

Step 4: Use a bicycle pump to pump air into the tank to push the water out. When the water runs out, stop pumping.

You can use a pressure gauge to pump slowly, creating just enough pressure

3 Mechanical valve is clogged The mechanical valve is clogged resulting in weak water pressure that prevents water from flowing up the faucet. You loosen the screw of the mechanical valve. If the water filtration condition is not improved then check the RO membrane.
4 RO membrane is cloggedThe RO membrane is black-brown, covered with mud – Long membrane use time (over 2 years).– The quality of the input water is very dirty.

– The pre-filters are not cleaned thoroughly or changed periodically.

Install a new RO membrane
5 Primary filter is cloggedThe telltale sign is that the wastewater flows out more than usual. It may be due to the filter element used for a long time, contaminated with dirt or contaminated water. Check the filters.
6 Solenoid valve stopped working – Case 1: The solenoid valve is not closed or cannot be closed.– Case 2: Broken copper coil, not conductive

– Case 3: The solenoid valve has an error.

– Case 1: Remove the valve, check the rubber foil layer, clean and then reinstall it.– Case 2: Buy new valve, wire and power source to replace.

– Case 3: Remove  and clean the valve.

7 Drain valve is not working properly When the valve is open, the water will go to the sewage line, the faucet of the water purifier will not come out. You just need to tighten, seal the valve.

The RO filter element is the most important part of the RO water purifier. If the RO filter core has ultra-small filter eyes that only allow water molecules to pass through, the product brings clean water quality up to 99.99%.

After filtering large particles such as scum or mud in the first coarse filters, the RO membrane will kill bacteria, heavy metal ions, and pollutant molecules, helping the water source to the following filters help. Pure water, ensure the purity of the water. Depending on the quality of the input water, the RO filter cartridge will have a corresponding shelf life.

The 100 GPD household RO water filter with advanced technology from Taiwan (Taiwan) is also the top filter in the world. Components from Taiwan, RO membrane made in the US. Pressure tank 11 GL 40 liters. Filtration capacity is 30 liters/hour.

RO water purifier
Structure of household RO water purifier 100GPD

The machine has filtered water, no waste water

Water purifiers that produce pure water without seeing waste water come out is a phenomenon that many people encounter when using a purifier. So how to handle? The answer will be shortly.

  • Clogged sewage line: Check if the sewage line has a lot of dirt or is bent. This is usually caused by a clogged Flow 300 discharge rod. Specifically, the Flow 300 discharge bar with a flow rate of 300ml/min. Many sediments and heavy metals will flow back into the drinking water source and cause the water purifier to have no waste water.
  • How to fix: You can clean thoroughly or replace the valve with a new one.

Song Phung Environmental Company has an electronic warranty, so you can contact us if an unexpected problem occurs. Meeting the needs of our customers is what we value most in customer service when purchasing.

Knowing the knowledge related to water purifiers will help you be more proactive in the process of using it. Determine why the water purifier does not produce clean water to have the appropriate water purifier repair, helping you to live a better and healthier life. If after checking all the above methods and you still cannot fix the water purifier, please contact us immediately via the hotline below so that our technical staff can handle it for you!

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