Nowadays, ozone gas has been widely applied in all essential fields of life. Ozone technology is the most modern clean technology currently available.

However, are you aware of the effects of ozone gas? In this article, SongPhung will help you learn about the effects and applications of ozone in life.

1. The effect of ozone gas decontamination of food and vegetables – the use of ozone machines

Ozone gas is a gas with strong oxidizing ability, so ozone gas can easily kill bacteria, helminth eggs and residues of pesticides. Just soak food, vegetables in water, let the amount of ozone gas bubble in for a period of 5-15 minutes depending on the amount and type of food and vegetables, you can be completely assured of these foods.

The effect of ozone gas decontamination of food and vegetables

2. Disinfection of domestic and drinking water for humans – the use of ozone machines 

Is your family’s water source clean or not? Is domestic water without dirt completely clean? So, if you are concerned about the quality of the water you are using, use an ozone generator to remove heavy metals and toxins in your household water.

Because, one of the effects of ozone gas is that it has a very high ability to disinfect, remove heavy metals and organic substances dissolved into water. In addition, ozone gas also has the ability to decolorize, deodorize, and ensure the purity of water for human daily life.

o zone
Disinfection of domestic and drinking water for humans

3. The effect of ozone gas keeps food fresher – the use of an ozone machine

As long as you wash the fruit in ozone water, and put it in ice, the food will keep its freshness for a longer time. The reason is that ozone gas kills bacteria in food. This will support better food preservation, and the quality of food stored in the refrigerator will be fresher.

The effect of ozone gas keeps food fresher

4. Ozone gas has the effect of deodorizing the air – the use of an ozone machine

If you are feeling uncomfortable with the atmosphere of your family, or the smells in the kitchen, the smell of the air conditioner, the smell of cigarette smoke affect your life, ozone gas will thoroughly solve these problems. Ozone gas has the ability to deodorize, and more specifically, kill microorganisms present in the air.

Ozone gas has the effect of deodorizing the air

Certainly, using ozone gas will be much better than using room sprays. Because, room sprays are synthetic sprays from aromatic chemicals, which mask unpleasant odors, but do not completely destroy the cause of odors, which are bacteria, mold, etc.

5. Ozone water has the effect of washing your face, beautiful skin – the use of ozone machine

This is also one of the new effects discovered by women themselves. After washing your face with a cleanser, you just need to use water with ozone with a sufficient amount to help clean all the sebum on the face, and at the same time kill the bacteria that are still attached to the skin. Eliminating these causes will contribute to a more beautiful, smoother skin.

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Translator: Duong Nguyen Hoang Khang 

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