UV system testing service

Why do I need to test the UV lamp in operation to see how effective it is as a disinfectant? The simple answer is as follows:
  1. Determine whether the current UV lamp matches the system capacity?
  2. Determine how effective the UV light is at killing bacteria?
  3. Measure the UV intensity (mW/cm2) to see what intensity the UV lamp you are using achieves?
  4. Measure UV dose (mJ/cm2) to determine if your UV system has enough dose to kill bacteria?
  5. Propose solutions to improve and overcome problems encountered….

2020 - Gia công đèn UV Viqua - 960W

How often do I need to check the effectiveness of my UV lamp?

As we know, the average lifespan of UV lamp is from 8000 hours to 9000 hours of operation. So for example, if the system operates continuously 20 hours/day, the UV lamp life will be 400 days to 450 days. After this period of time, we must replace the UV lamp or recheck the UV intensity to see if our UV system still meets the sterilization needs.

However, if the UV lamp operates less during the day, it means the corresponding daily time is extended

Kiem tra cuong do tia UV
Check UVC intensity for UV equipment before leaving the factory

Can I continue to use a UV lamp that has expired the manufacturer’s recommended operating time?

The answer is still possible but with conditions: Need to re-measure the UV ray intensity before deciding whether to continue to extend the usage time or not?

What is the intensity of UV rays? The intensity of UV radiation is measured in units of milliwatts per square centimeter (mW/cm2), that is, the energy per square centimeter received per second. This intensity is measured using a specialized meter

Where to measure UV intensity?

Song Phung Company has full equipment to measure the UV intensity for each different lamp set. Each different set of UV lamps has different UV intensity depending on the arrangement between the UV lamps and between the UV lamp and the lamp housing.

The farther the distance from the UV lamp, the lower the intensity, so determining the measurement location will determine the accuracy of the measurement method.

How is the UV dose calculated?

Very simply, we can understand that UV dose = UV intensity multiplied by retention time. The unit of measurement for UV dose is mJ/cm2.

UV dose is a measure of the amount of UV energy absorbed by a microbial population over a given period of time, expressed in millijoules per square centimeter (mJ/cm2).

The following table is an example of the UV dose of a 10m3/h UV lamp processed by Song Phung Company.

Tên sản phẩm
UV power/
Công suất đèn UV (W)
UVC intensity/
Cường độ tia UVC (mW/Cm2)*
Actual water volume in UV chamber/
Thể tích nước thực trong buồng UV (M3)
Water flow through UV/
Lưu lượng nước qua UV (M3)
The corresponding UVC dose/
Liều lượng UVC tương ứng (mJ/Cm2)
Bộ đèn UV 220W–10m3
Model: SP6-220WS
Thương hiệu/Brand Song Phụng

What does the UV lamp efficiency testing service include?

  1. Receive information
  2. Quote service price before implementation
  3. For high-capacity UV lamps (usually bigger than 110W), a technical staff is required to bring the machine to the site for inspection and measurement. For small-capacity UV lamps (normally less than 110W), it is required. Please send the light set to Song Phung factory for inspection.
  4. Evaluate the current situation before measuring
  5. Record the operating parameters of the lamp: Capacity, number of lamps, manufacturer, operating time of day, year of manufacture, frequency of replacing lamps in the past?…..
  6. Make a status report and propose solutions
  7. Quote for other services as proposed
  8. Service performed directly by Song Phung

Please contact SongPhung via hotline to receive more accurate advice and quotes about your UV lamp inspection service.

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