uPVC bag filter size 1

    Brand: Grace Filter


    • Model: UFBG01U1D20S4
    • Connection: 2″ Flange, DN50 ANSI
    • Flowrate: 0-20 m3/h
    • Specification: contain 1pcs of size 1 filter bag (Ф7”x16.5”)
    • Dimension: D225mm, H820mm, made of uPVC
    • Max pressure operation: 4bars
    • Temp. range: 0-60oC
    • Applications: Coarse filtration for RO systems, seawater filtration, wastewater treatment, household water treatment equipment, filtration of solutions containing many coarse residues…
    • Supply includes: Bag filter housing, fabric filter bag size 1 filter slot 5micron
    • Origin: Grace filter – Taiwan
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    uPVC bag filter size 1

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Bộ lọc túi vải uPVC size 1

    Mechanism of operation of uPVC bag filter housing – size 1

    • Bag filters are designed for optimal filtration performance, providing filtration solutions for a variety of liquids in the process industry. Bag filter tank includes filter cover, filter bag, and inner support cage to support the bag. The internal support ensures the bag will not open due to high differential pressure that builds up during operation.
    • The bag filter housing can contain one or more filter bags depending on the flow rate and filtration capacity. The filtered liquid passes from the top of the filter into the inside of the bag. The liquid passes through the filter bag, impurities are retained inside the bag. The liquid then exits through the bottom pipe of the filter housing into a clean water tank or through further treatment if any. During filtration, the inlet and outlet pressure difference gradually increases until the bag is completely clogged. Then just open the lid and clean or replace the filter bag.

    Benefits and advantages of uPVC bag filter housing – size 1

    Bag filters are often used in the processing industry because:

    • Filters liquid volumes with high flow rates, easily filtering 90 – 2,400 gallons per minute corresponding to 20.7m3/h – 552m3/h (depending on filter and filter bag design)
    • Bag filters have a high dirt holding capacity, requiring less frequent bag filter changes than cartridge filters
    • Can filter many different types of liquids such as water, beer, fish sauce…

    Application of uPVC bag filter housing – size 1

    • Filtering drugs and pharmaceutical solutions
    • Filter beverage, fruit juice, fish sauce, soy sauce, cooking oil,…
    • Filtering industrial chemicals, plating chemicals,…
    • Filter lubricant oil, machine oil,…
    • In addition, fabric bag filter tanks are also used to filter wastewater for industries. The bag filter will retain suspended residue during the processing of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paint, oil, etc. for easy collection during the production process.


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