Flowmeter LZM-75GF – 450-1100LPM

    Brand: Kingtai


    • Model: LZM-75GF
    • Flow range: 450-1100 LPM(120-300GPM)
    • In/out connector: Male/Female thread Þ90 –  ABS material
    • Float material: SS304
    • Accuracy: ±4%
    • Dimension: Length x Width x Height = 110mm x110mm x 392mm
    • Mounting type: installed directly on the pipe
    • How to read the index: look the position of the top of the float
    • Origin: Yuyao Kingtai – China
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    Flowmeter LZM-75GF – 450-1100LPM

    Features, technical specifications, cutting drawings of flowmeter LZM-75GF – 450-1100LPM:

    LZM-15G - 1.8-18LPM

    What is flowmeter?

    A flowmeter is an indispensable measuring device for measuring the flow of gases, liquids, or gas-liquid mixtures in industrial applications such as: Food, beverage, oil, gas, chemicals , pharmaceuticals, paper production, electricity, cement… On the market, flowmeters are very diverse and available for any industrial or civil application.
    Or to understand it more simply, a flowmeter is a device used to measure the flow rate of liquid or the amount of gas moving through a pipe. A flowmeter measures the amount of fluid passing through a pipe in an instantaneous period of time.

    Advantage of flowmeter LZM-75GF – 450-1100LPM

    • For raw filter, carbon filter and softener filter systems, installing a flowmeter will provide us with a lot of useful information about the total water flow treated or removed per unit of time. This helps determine whether the system is operating at full and correct design capacity?
    • Especially for RO systems: if the system is installed with a flowmeter for clean water pipes, discharged water and if more meticulous, it will also be installed on the main supply pipe to the RO system, then effective control will be achieved. Working of the RO membrane will be extremely easy. This flow display parameter will be extremely important for experts and operators to understand the performance of the RO membrane, recovery rate, etc.
    • For chemical systems: Flow meters provide us with information to calculate the amount of chemicals consumed in a certain period of time such as 1 hour or 1 day, how many chemicals are consumed, and from there calculate system operating costs, etc.
    • Similar to the air treatment system, compressed air supply system, exhaust system, etc.: Does the flowmeter provide us with information to calculate the amount of air consumed or discharged in a period of time? certain time such as 1 hour or 1 day the amount of gas passes through the flow meter.

    Application of flowmeter LZM-75GF – 450-1100LPM

    • Used for water filtration systems, water softening systems, pure water production, and ion demineralization.
    • As mentioned above, a flowmeter is an instrument used to measure the flow rate of a liquid or gas. It measures flow rate by detecting and monitoring changes in pressure, level or another variable caused by the liquid/gas passing through the pipe.
    • Suitable for water filtration systems in both industry and households

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    Product is waiting for user manual to be updated
    Please contact the technical department for support and instructions for use:

    Mr. Huy – 0913274433

    Mr. Lực – 0919569221

    Email: cskh@thietbinganhnuoc.com


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