Extractor remove bearing plate of FRP RO housing 8inch

    Brand: SongPhung
    Origin: Vietnam


    • 8-inch FRP RO housing cap extractor tool
    • Material: Stainless steel 304
    • Thread step follows the thread step of the cover, helping to protect the original thread of the cover
    • Suitable for 8-inch FRP RO housing with side-port and end port types
    • Use: Remove and install 8-inch RO membrane plate cap
    • Origin: Song Phung
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    Extractor remove bearing plate of FRP RO housing 8inch

    What is bearing plate of FRP RO housing 8inch?

    The RO membrane bearing plate is the most important part of the RO membrane housing, the part that fixes the RO membrane and withstands the pressure of the water inside.
    On each bearing plate there is a plastic part inside and a heavy-duty metal plate outside, with a groove to install a sealing tube

    How many bearing plate in each RO housing?

    Each RO housing includes 2 bearing plates at both ends of the membrane housing. Both breading plate are the same so they can be interchanged.Adaptor FRP RO housing

    Why use the Extractor remove bearing plate of FRP RO housing 8inch?

    The RO membrane system operates under extremely high pressure to remove ions from water, so when operating for a long enough period of time, it will create a compressive force on the RO cover and the RO housing body. The compressive force will expand the sealing gasket to prevent water leakage, and over time, it will create a suction force that sticks the RO membrane cover and the RO membrane body.

    When performing manual replacement or cleaning of the RO membrane or removing the membrane for inspection, it will be very difficult to disassemble and assemble this. If you do not know how or do not have the right support tools, you will damage the cap thread or scratch the inside, leading to watertightness

    Therefore, the RO extractor tool was born to solve this difficulty. With this membrane cover puller, everything will become simpler than ever.

    Bo Cao Nap RO 8inch
    Bo Cao Nap RO 8inch

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