Brine tank 1000L



    • Model: FTY1000L
    • Diameter: DxH=990×1400 (mm)
    • Volume: 1000L
    • Color: Grey/blue
    • Material: PE (Polyethylene)
    • Specification: Square
    • Included brine valve: F1700
    • Application: Contains salt solution to serve water softening systems
    • Orrigin: Chihon – China
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    Brine tank 1000L

    Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:

    Catalog thùng muối

    What is brine tank?

    A brine tank is exactly what it sounds like: a plastic container that container brine – saturated brine or potassium salt. This brine will be used when it is necessary to regenerate the water softening system, remove mineral particles and restore charge to the ion exchange resin in the softener filter tank so they can continue to trap more minerals.
    Typically, the brine tank is filled with salt (sodium). But problems can occur if you are on a low-sodium diet because small amounts of sodium are released into the drinking water during the water softening process. And sodium can also affect the bacteria in the septic tank system that are needed to break down waste. For this reason, sodium brine has been banned or restricted in some places. As an alternative, Potassium can be used as a brine. Potassium is considered superior and environmentally friendly, although slightly more expensive than sodium salt, and it does not affect health, watersheds or septic system function.

    Advantages of brine tank

    • Material: using virgin polyethylene (PE) as the main raw material.
    • The chemical tank is not toxic to users and safe for clean water.
    • Brine tank are lightweight and durable, easy to handle, shock-proof, impact-resistant, and leak-proof.
    • Good resistance to all types of acids and bases with very good corrosion resistance.
    • Beautiful design with high aesthetics: Beautiful compact shape, smooth inside and outside, no welding, seamless.
    • Easy to clean: Not easy to get dirty, can easily remove dirt.
    • Economical and durable: very difficult to break.
    • Cold resistance: Heat resistance and cold resistance, high temperature resistance (80°C),  Cold resistance (-40°C).

    Application of brine tank

    • It is widely used in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, printing and dyeing, petroleum, acid pickling and electroplating industries to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water and make hard water become soft
    • Mix salt and filter out the large debris in the salt to avoid being sucked into pipes and valves

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    F454 brine valve

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