Automatic filter valve 4m3.h – F67C1

Brand: Runxin


  • Model: F67C1
  • Max flowrate: 4m3/h
  • Operation pressure range: 0.15-0.6Mpa
  • Regeneration: timer clock type
  • In/out: Female thread Þ34, 1″F
  • Riser pipe: Þ27
  • Mount type: topmount
  • Mounting base: 2.5inch
  • Power adaptor: Input AC100~240V/50~60HZ Output DC12V/1.5A
  • Application: used for anthracite coal, activated carbon, sand, and gravel filter tanks with diameters from 6″->10″, 3 filter modes: filter – backwash – fast rinse
  • Included: Strainer F0601
  • Origin: Runxin – China
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Automatic filter valve 4m3.h – F67C1

Features, technical specifications, drawings in the product catalog:


Model F67C1(53504)/F67C3 (53604)
Regeneration Time clock type / meter type
Mount type Top mount
Inlet/outlet 1″F
Drain 1″F
Mounting base 2.5″-8NPSM
Riser pipe 1.05″OD
Flow rate 4m³/h
Filter tank 6″–12″
Water pressure 0.15-0.6MPa
Water temperature 5-50℃
Water turbidity <20FTU
Power adapter Input AC100~240V/50~60HZ Output DC12V/1.5A
Application Activated carbon filter, sand filter
Filter media Quartz sand, activated carbon…

Van F67C1 F67C3

Benefits and advantages of Automatic filter valve 4m3.h – F67C1

  • Runxin filter and softener valves are one of the most popular valve products in the Vietnamese and international markets in recent years, so the goods are always in stock.
  • The variety of products allows customers to have the most perfect choice
  • The valve is certified by the US NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for filtration products
  • When electrical service restored, program run one cycle then locate at the previous position.
  • Cheaper and simpler.
  • Indicator display.

Application of Automatic filter valve 4m3.h – F67C1

  • Used for water filtration systems, water softening systems, pure water production, ion demineralization.
  • Is the door that controls the operation of the water flow, making it easier to process the water entering and exiting the filter.
  • Helps maintain the filter tank, cation exchange makes the salt regeneration process faster with brine modes, easy to fill water into the salt tank (for 5-port softener valve)
  • Suitable for water filtration systems in both industry and households

Offers, promotions, details of accompanying accessories (if any)

  • Song Phung is one of the reputable and long-standing importers and distributors of Runxin valves in the Vietnamese market.
  • Runxin valve prices are distributed by Song Phung at the lowest prices on the market
  • Runxin valve products are guaranteed genuine by Song Phung, replacement parts are available
  • The included accessory is strainer F0601


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