1. Hy water pump problem?


+ Causes:

– Due to a short circuit of the water pump.
– Because the voltage applied to the water pump is too high, it is not intended for use.
– Because the water pump operates in a state of no water supply for too long, it will lead to a fire of the seal, when the seal is damaged, water will enter the electric motor compartment, resulting in a fire.
– Due to damaged water pump seal.
– Due to the failure of the thermal relay, the pump cannot be shut off automatically.
– The pump is flooded.
– And there are many other reasons….

+ Remedies:

– Install correct voltage for water pump .
– Do not let the water pump operate for too long in the absence of water supply.
– Regularly check the seal for damage, if damaged, the seal must be replaced
– Check the thermal relay for operation.
– Pay attention when the water is flooded, we have to remove the water pump to avoid the machine getting into the water.

2. When should I use a booster pump?

Question : When should I use a booster pump?

Answer :Booster pumps are suitable for families who need to use without an overhead water tank, or the height is not enough to create pressure. The machine will automatically suck water in the tank, pipe, pump directly into the device. Depending on the actual needs to use more or less, choose the capacity accordingly


For private or collective buildings, especially hotels, it is also necessary to use a booster pump for the top floor of the building when the pressure is weak. Refer to the section Booster pumps for household use.


3. Overcoming noise when operating the pump?


Question : May I ask, I recently bought a Nation pump, but when running, because I put the machine in the house, it makes too much noise, I want to ask if I want to make a glass or tree box to cover, not to make noise is it possible, is the machine hot or not, about 45 minutes each time the pump. Thanks!

Answer: Nation pump running is quite stable, quiet, durable. In your case the machine sounds, you need to check the following points: – Has the tripod been fastened to the base? – Is the water line up to standards: if the pipe is too long, zigzag, many bends, the machine will run at full capacity, so it is quite noisy. (Many cases are clogged pipes, rust, deposits) – Defective machine: check by idling (no water supply) if running still has noise, need to take it for warranty. After checking the above problems and still making noise, it is likely that the water pipe to your house is too small or the pump is high, the machine running at full capacity will be noisy. You can completely make a picture of soundproofing material on the pump, because the machine itself has a heat dissipation part thanks to running water and the machine’s power is also small: 200W, so it is completely responsive. (Remember that the water pump must have water)


4. Thermal induction for water pump?


Question : My house is in the central area of Hanoi, but the problem of domestic water is a dilemma, upstairs, if I want to pump water, I have to use a 250w water pump to suck it, but it’s okay. Whenever you can, just pump yourself, when it’s full, it will automatically shut off and have an indicator light. And when the pump can’t be pumped, the machine won’t run for 5, 6 hours >g_closed too bad Now I want to make a temperature sensor, when the machine runs for a long time, due to the masat of the pump impeller with water and water in the pump bulb, it will heat up to 60 -> 70 degrees, then the sensor will close a relay, and whatever the relay does, think later. I don’t know anything about electronics, can you help me?


Answer : In my opinion, using a current sensor or a temperature sensor does not work. Because:

1)The temperature sensor must be dependent on the environment so it is not effective.

2) The current sensor only applies to the motor running overloaded or stuck in the bearing, at that time the machine cannot run, so the current in the coils increases many times, and the machine is still the same, even if it runs all day. no effect. In my opinion, a mechanical sensor should be installed on the outlet of the water pump. When the pump runs, the water pressure affects the mechanical sensor, it will control an electronic circuit to help the machine run until the water is full, and when the pump is still running but the water does not come up, the mechanical sensor has no signal. signal, so do not let the water pump flow anymore.


5. How to choose a slurry pump?


Question : My family works in farming and aquaculture – seafood, due to work requirements, now I need to buy a mud pump. Please advise me how to buy a good slurry pump. Thanks!

Answer: According to the documentation, the selection of the pressure head of the slurry pump depends a lot on the speed of the sludge being pumped in the pipe. If the speed is higher, the head is also larger. When the speed is greater, the required head when pumping mud increases proportionally to the head when pumping water, the coefficient of increase can increase up to 20 times the head compared to water pump. The min boost factor is 4.